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Aircraft Types NOT Used

This page gives details of some of the aircraft types that were offered or promised to the Yugoslav/Serbia Air Force but not delivered, cancelled official orders, and types have been falsely reported as being in service.

Avia B.534
Fourteen of these Czech biplane fighters are reported by some sources to have served with the JKRV. This is not true.

Breguet 693
Reports of one Breguet 693 being delivered have not been confirmed.

Bristol Blenheim Mk.IV
The Mk.IV version was not supplied, although the Yugoslavs did convert a licence-built Mk.I with a locally manufactured a nose section similar that used on the Mk.IV.

Bristol Beaufighter
A Bristol Beaufighter was not supplied to the JKRV.

Caudron CR.714
20 CR.714s were ordered, but had not been built by the time of the May 1940 German attack on France.

Caproni Ca 310bis
There was only ever one Caproni Ca 310bis - a prototype for the Ca 311 - so 12 could not have been delivered.

Caudron G.3 and G.4
Reports of the Caudron G.3 & G.4 being used by Serbia in WW1 are not confirmed.

Dewoitine (Zmaj) D.500
The Dewoitine D.500 was not licence-built by Zmaj and none were received from France.

Dewoitine (Zmaj) D.513/D.514
These prototype fighters were not licence-built by Zmaj and none were received from France.

Farman F.41
Possible confusion with the F.40, which was supplied.

Farman F.60 Goliath
Not used by Serbia or Yugoslavia.

Farman F.306
This type was actually used by the civil airline Aeroput.

Fizir FT-1 Nebojsa
This pre-WW2 single-engined low-wing monoplane, ("Fizir-Nebojsa") was civilian only, with the registration YU-PDV.

Fizir LAF
The pre-WW2 civil only sport aircraft was not used by the JKRV.

Fleet 10
This type was not used by the JKRV. It was actually used by the Yugoslav Navy.

Hawker Hart
Some sources report six Harts in service in 1936. "Hawker Aircraft Since 1920" (Putnam) states: In 1931 Yugoslavia had ordered four Harts, and 4 Harts were based at Novi Sad towards end of 1931, but no record of their manufacture exists, so they were probably RAF aircraft on temporary detachment.

Ikarus B-5 Pionir
The single B-5 Pionir was not used by the JKRV.

Ikarus IK-10
The Ikarus IK-10 was not used by the JKRV.

Lockheed 10A Electra
The seven aircraft sometimes reported with the JKRV were actually operated by the civil airline Aeroput.

PZL P.24
The P.24 was not used by the JKRV.

PZL P.37 Los
During the spring and summer of 1939 Yugoslavia ordered 20 Los Cs, but these were not delivered before the German invasion of Poland.

Rogozarski PSFA
PSFA-Rogozarski (PSFA = First Serbian Aircraft Factory) is actually the formal name of the company, not an aircraft type.

Voisin III/Voisin LA
This type was not used by Serbia.

Voisin IV/Voisin LB
This type was not used by Serbia.

Westland Lysander
A JKRV order for two Mk.IIs not fulfilled.

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