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Aviation Bibliography

Irish Air Corps (IAC)

Formed in 1923, as part of the army.

General Topics

No source found.


'Wings Over Ireland: Irish Air Corps' [Order this book from UK]
by Donald MacCarron
Published by Midland Publishing, 1996 ISBN: 1 85780 057 5
* Comprehensive history of the IAC.

'The Irish Air Corps Today'
by Capt. Kevin Byrne
Published by ?, 1989 ISBN: ?
* Concise history of the IAC, and guide to its present roles.


Command structure and commands are explained in above titles.

No command histories published.

Orders of Battle:
No source known.

Squadron Histories:
Some squadron details are given in the above titles.

Support Units:
Some unit details are given in the above titles.

Aircraft Used

Aircraft Designation System:
The IAC uses the manufacturers designation.

Aircraft Types Used:
See first two titles above.

Aircraft Serial Numbers:
Numbering system initially comprised a type prefix letter followed by an individual number. From 1939, a new system comprising a two or three digit individual sequence number, eg: 120, was adopted.

See first title above for details.

Ground Instructional/Maintenance Serials:
Numbering system not known.

Individual Aircraft Histories:
Limited information in first title above.

Current Disposition:
'abc Military Aircraft Markings 1998' [Order this book from UK]
by Peter R March
Published by Ian Allan Ltd, 1998 ISBN: 0 7110 2561 4
* Published annually since the 1970's. Listing in serial order. Includes Ireland.

'European Air Arms 1998'
by Ian Carroll
Published by Mach III Plus, 1998 ISBN: ?
* Published annually since 1987. Includes Eire. Listing in unit and type order.

Monthly updates to the former title are given in 'Aircraft Illustrated' magazine.

Accidents & Operational Losses:
See first title above.


National Insignia Variations:
No source found.

Camouflage and Markings:
No source found.

Unit Insignia:
No single source known.

Unit codes:
Not used.


Home Air Bases:
No specific histories or general survey known.

Overseas Air Bases:
Although the Irish Army has been deployed overseas for the United Nations, no permanent overseas bases are used.


None found.

See under United Kingdom.

Leading Personalities:
None found.

Aerobatic Teams:
No source known for Silver Swallows.

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