All-Time Units Listing

of the Royal New Zealand Air Force

This page lists all the aviation-related units of the Royal New Zealand Air Force, since its formation.

1 Squadron

2 Squadron

3 Squadron

4 Squadron

5 Squadron

6 Squadron

7 Squadron

8 Squadron

9 Squadron

10 Squadron

11 Squadron

12 Squadron

13 Squadron

14 Squadron

15 Squadron

16 Squadron

17 Squadron

18 Squadron

19 Squadron

20 Squadron

21 Squadron

22 Squadron

23 Squadron

24 Squadron

25 Squadron

26 Squadron

30 Squadron

31 Squadron

40 Squadron

41 Squadron

42 Squadron

43 Squadron

44 Squadron

75 Squadron


Navigation and Air Electronics Training Squadron

Airframe Reconditioning Squadron

Central Flying School

Pilot Training Squadron

No.1 Repair Depot

No.2 Repair Depot

No.3 Repair Depot


75 (New Zealand) Squadron

485 (New Zealand) Squadron

486 (New Zealand) Squadron

487 (New Zealand) Squadron

488 (New Zealand) Squadron

489 (New Zealand) Squadron

490 (New Zealand) Squadron


No.1 Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Flight

No.2 Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Flight

No.3 Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Flight

No.1 Elementary Flying Training School

No.2 Elementary Flying Training School

No.3 Elementary Flying Training School

No.4 Elementary Flying Training School

No.1 Service Flying Training School

No.2 Service Flying Training School


Strike Wing

Operations Wing

No. 485 Wing

No. 488 Wing


All-Time Units Listing

This page lists all the flying units of the Ukrainian Air Force, since its formation.

5th Air Army
14th Air Army
17th Air Army
24th Air Army

ex-Soviet units to be added

7th Tactical Aviation Brigade
9th Tactical Aviation Brigade
15th Transport Aviation Brigade
25th Transport Aviation Brigade
40th Tactical Aviation Brigade
114th Tactical Aviation Brigade
168th Test Flight Centre
203rd Training Aviation Brigade
204th Tactical Aviation Brigade
299th Tactical Aviation Brigade
456th Transport Aviation Brigade
831st Tactical Aviation Brigade

All-Time Units Listing

of the Ukrainian Navy

This page lists all the flying units of the Ukrainian Navy, since its formation.

2nd MRAD (Naval Missile Aviation Division
5th GvMRAP (Guarda Naval Attack Regiment)
124th MRAP (Naval Attack Regiment)
943rd MRAP (Naval Attack Regiment)
30th ODRAP (Independent Long-range Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment)
229th OSHaP (Independent Strike Aviation Regiment)
100th KIAP (Ship-borne Fighter Aviation Regiment)

? OSAE (Independent Composite Aviation Squadron)
555 OPLVP (Independent Anti-Submarine Helicopter Regiment)

10th Naval Aviation Brigade
Fixed Wing Squadron
Rotary Wing Squadron

Units List

for the North Korean Air Force