Italy National History

1861 re-unification of Italy. Aquires mall number of colonies, including Libya and Italian Somaliland. 1911 war with Ottoman Empire (Italy). 24 May 1915 Italy enters First World War on the side of the Allies, but with little success. 4 November 1918 end of war. 1922 Fascists take power. 1923 Greek island of Corfu invaded. 3 October 1935 invasion of Ethiopia – 7 month campaign. Economic sanctions applied by League of Nations. 1936 Axis agreement with Germany. April 1939 invasion of Albania. 10 June 1940 Italy enters Second World War on Germany’s side. Operations in North Africa and Somalia. 28 October 1941 invasion of Greece, but German assistance soon essential. 1942 occupation of southern France and Corsica. 1943 Allies invade Sicily and then Italy. 8 Sept 1943 Italy surrenders. Allied controlled territory switches sides to Allied cause, declares war on Germany 13 October 1943. German occupied Northern Italy becomes Repubblica Sociale Italiana. April 1945 RSI surrenders. 1946 abdication of Royal family. Founder member of Western European Union. 4 April 1949 founder member of NATO. Member of European Community.

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