Dominican Republic Key Dates

6 December 1492    Christopher Columbus arrived on the island of Hispaniola and made it a Spanish colony.
1496    Santo Domingo was founded.
1548    The Taino Indians population, estimated at 1 million in 1492, had been reduced to approximately 500.
1655    English fleet tried to take Santo Domingo, but was defeated.
1697    Under the Treaty of Ryswick, Spain ceded the western third of the island to France.
 1791    A slave revolt broke out in the French colony.
1804    Jean-Jacques Dessalines, declared independence and established the republic of Haïti on the western third of the island in January 1804.
1809    Spain restored power at the whole island of Hispaniola.
30 November 1821    José Núñez de Cáceres announced the independence of the eastern part of the island as the state of Spanish Haiti.
1822    President of Haiti, Jean-Pierre Boyer, decided to invade Santo Domingo and to reunite the island under the Haitian flag.
1843    President Boyer was overthrow in the Revolution of 1843.
27 February 1844    Independence of the eastern side of the island was officially declared on February 27, 1844, and the name of Dominican Republic was adopted.
1882    General Ulysses Heureux became dictator of the Dominican Republic.
1916    The United States sent in its Marines to occupy the Dominican Republic and they established a military government in November.
1924    The US occupation in the Dominican Republic ends.
1930    Raphael Leonidas Trujilo took control of the country and established dictatorship for the next 30 years.
30 May 1961    President Tujilo was assassinated.
1965    After a rebellion US President Lyndon Johnson ordered the US Marines to occupy the Dominican Republic unitl 1966.
1986    Joachim Ballaguer was again elected president.
6 December 1992    1500-year anniversary celebration of Columbus’ discovery of America. In honor of the event, a massive concrete momument, the Faro de Colón (Columbus’ Lighthouse) was erected on the outskirts of Santo Domingo.
1996    Leonel Fernandez Reyna was elected president.
May 2000    Hipolito Mejia became president.

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