Suriname Key Dates

 1500    Yáñes Pinzón explored the coast of what is todays Suriname.
1593    Spain explored Suriname again.
1602    The Dutch began to settle the land, followed by the English.
1667    The English transferred sovereignty to the Dutch in 1667 (the Treaty of Breda) in exchange for New Amsterdam (New York).


   Dutch Guiana, the colony was integrated into the kingdom of the Netherlands.
25 November 1975    Suriname became independent from the Netherlands.
1980    A coup d’état brought military rule under the control of Lieut. Col. Dési Bouterse.
1991    Runaldo Venetiaan became president.
1992    A peace treaty was signed between the government and several guerrilla groups.
1996    Jules Wijdenbosch became president.
May 2000    Runaldo Venetiaan became president again.
January 2004    The government introduced a new currency, the Surinamese dollar.

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