Trinidad & Tobago Key Dates

 about 5500 B.C.    Trinidad and Tobago having been settled by Amerindians.
1498    Christoph Columbus landed in Trinidad.
1532    Spanish colony was founded on Trinidad.
1592    First Spanish settlement established at San Josef.
1595    Colony was destroyed by Sir Walter Raleigh.
1802    Trinidad was formally ceded to the British crown under the treaty of Amiens.
1888    Tobago was amalgamated with Trinidad and administered as a single colony.
31 August 1962    Trinidad and Tobago became fully independent state.
1 August 1976    Trinidad and Tobago got a new constitution and became a presidential republic.
July 1990    Attempted coup, staged by a 100-strong group of Islamic extremists, under leadership of Yasin Abu Bakir.
October 2002    Patrick Manning won elections.

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