Lithuania Key Dates

1386    Polish-Lithuanian Union created by royal marriage
1795    Lithuania divided between Prussia and Imperial Russia
December 1915    German Army occupies Lithuania
16 February 1918    Lithuania declares independence from Russia
3 March 1918    Treaty of Brest-Litovsk recognises Lithuanian independence
11 November 1918    Germany surrenders and withdraws from Lithuania
22 November 1918    Soviet Army attacks Lithuania
5 January 1919    Vilnius captured by Soviet Army
1919    Polish forces help eject Soviet Army from Lithuania
12 July 1920    Treaty of Moscow – Soviet Union recognises Lithuanian independence
7 October 1920    Treaty with Poland over Lithuanian borders
11 January 1923    Seaport of Memel seized from League of Nations control
17 December 1926    Military coup overthrows government
Spring 1939    Nazi Germany annexes Memel
15 June 1940    Soviet Union invades and occupies Lithuania
17 June 1940    Soviet Union invades and occupies Estonia
1941    Advance of the German Army into the USSR reaches Lithuania
1944    Soviet Army re-occupies Lithuania
January 1945    Soviet Army restores Memel to Lithuanian control
May 1989    Lithuanian Supreme Soviet declares sovereignty
11 March 1990    Lithuanian parliament declares independence from Soviet Union
13 January 1991    14 people killed by Soviet troops in Lithuania
February 1991    Lithuanian referendum approves move to independence
6 September 1991    Soviet Union recognises independence of Lithuania
31 August 1993    Last Soviet troops leave Lithuania
2 April 2004    Lithuania joins NATO

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