Spain National History

1902 King Alfonso XIII takes over personal rule. 1909-1926 Riff uprisings in Morocco (Spanish Colony). Neutral in First World War. 1923 military coup. May 1926 Riff leader surrenders. April 1931 Republic declared – King leaves. 18 July 1936 Revolution breaks out in Morocco led by General Franco. Start of Spanish Civil War. Republican (Government) forces supported by France, Britain, USA and Russia. Nationalist (Rebel) forces supported by Germany and Italy. 29 March 1939 Republican forces surrender. Neutral in World War Two. 26 September 1953 Spanish-American Defence Treaty signed – US military aid in exchange for base facilities. 1975 Franco dies and democracy restored. 1982 joined NATO. 1986 joined European Community.

[To be rewritten]

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