Country Profile

Republic of Peru
(República del Perú)

Key Facts

Date of Independence:
28 July 1821
Capital City:
Total Area Ranking:
20 of 236 in the World
Population Size Ranking:
40 of 242 in the World

The Country


Peru, in western South America, extends for nearly 2,414 km (1,500 miles) along the Pacific Ocean. Colombia and Ecuador are to the north, Brazil and Bolivia to the east, and Chile to the south. Peru is divided by the Andes Mountains into three sharply differentiated zones. It is located between 69° to 81° western geographic longitude and 0° to 18° southern geographic latitude and has an area of 1,285,220 square kilometres (496,223 square miles). The latitude and longitude of the capital, Lima, are about 77°03′ W and 12°03′ S.

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National History

Summary Narrative History

Timeline – Key Dates in Peru History

Further National Information

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Text to be added on the development of aviation in Peru.


Civil Aircraft Registrations

The registration prefixes ‘O-P’ and ‘O-A’ were used from 1919 to 1929.
The registration prefix ‘OA-‘ was used from 1929 to 1950; eg: OA-562.
The registration prefix ‘OB-‘ is used from 1950 to present; eg: OB-1842-P.

All-time Peru – civil aircraft register (O-Paa OA-nnn OB-nnn).
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Aircraft Operators

Military Air Arms

Air Force (Fuerza Aérea Peruana)
Naval Aviation (Fuerza Aviación Naval del Perú)
Army Aviation (Aviación del Ejército Peruano)

Central Government Agencies

Government Aviation – VIP transport is provided by the Air Force
Coast Guard Aviation (Dirección General de Capitanías y Guardacostas del Perú)

Public Service Aviation

Medical Aviation – no helicopter medical rescue services known
Police Aviation (Direccion de Aviación Policial)

Commercial Aviation

Aero Condor
Aerolíneas Star Perú
Aero Transporte SA
Americana de Aviación SA
Aviadina SAC
Cielos del Perú
Compania De Aviacion Faucett
Lan Perú

wikipedia: Airlines of Peru
The World’s Airlines: Peru

Private Aviation

To be added.


Aircraft Manufacturers

None at present.

Aircraft Maintenance/Repair Depots

None known.


Civil Airports & Airfields

Civil Airports and Airfields Listing
Airports in Peru

Military Air Bases & Airfields

Military Air Bases Listing

On Show

Aviation Museums

Fuerte Real Felipe – Museo del Ejercito, Callao
Museo Aeronáutico del Perú, Base Aérea Las Palmas / Santiago de Surco

Airshow Dates

Key Airshow Dates

More Information

Aviation-Related Magazines

None at present.

Aviation Bibliography

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Web Links

None at present.

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