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Aces List - Israeli Tally
(List of Israeli Air Force aces, listing of kills by aircraft type used. No graphics. Fast.)

Fighter Pilot 'Ace' List
(Comprehensive list with decent caveats {as all of these lists must have} and reasonable attributions. Moderately fast - lots of listings.)

Aerobatic Teams

Official Red Arrows Home Page
(Current Team, display dates, Hawk aircraft, history, pics etc. Main page opens quickly. Good graphics.)

The Canadian Snowbirds
(CAF demonstration team schedule, history, pics and info in English and French per Canadian law. Need to accept cookies. Being redesigned when reviewed. Nice site. Good graphics. Quick.)

Aircraft Types

A History of the OV-1 Mohawk in Vietnam 1962-1972
(Unit info, OV-1 info, links. Official documents and unit histories provided. Quick. )

Aircraft Sales of Central Ohio
(Nanchang CJ6A pics & info. Unusual, but if you are interested in buying a Chinese warbird, take a look.)

American Yankee Association
(Grumman American aircraft owners assn. info & pics, membership & newsletter details. Couldn't find any links to active windows with the exception of from current calendars. Simple page.)

Attack Helicopter - Rooivalk
(South African heli info & pics, spec, details of weapons and systems. Follow the links around this site for wide-ranging look at international army hardware.)

B-1B Systems Program Office
(B-1 bomber info, pics, links from B-1 System Program Office at Wright-Patterson AFB.)

B-24 Best Web
(B-24 Liberator news, pics, data, specs, books, links. This is titled the "best." It is the best. All aircraft types should have a site as good and comprehensive as this one.)

B-52 Stratofortress Association
(BUFF and Association info, FAQ, pics, news, links.)

Beech Bonanza Home Page
(History, pics, versions, maintenance, info, links and a good explanation of how the famous Bonanza V35 V-tail works.)

Blackburn Buccaneer
(Buccaneer videos, prints, pics, survivors, links.)

F-111.net Home Page
(Huge (!) site of F-111 pics, articles, tail numbers, patches, books, models. Comprehensive coverage of the aircraft. Great for contacts/beginning and extended research. Somewhat slow. Large graphics.)

Flight Of The Valkyrie
(Concise yet fairly comprehensive aircraft biography. Photo archive, history of the XB-70 bomber, quicktime movies. Credits, but not footnoted.)

Globe Temco Swift Homepage
(Temco Swift news, events, history, tech info, pics, links.)

John's B-36 Peacemaker Page
(B-36 info, pics. Author worked on restoration project)

Mustang II Homebuilt Experimental Airplane
(Details & pics of small homebuilt light aircraft, links)

Navy A-12 Avenger II
(Specs, drawings & photos of cancelled USN bomber)

OV-1 Mohawk Association
(Info on OV-1 recce aircraft and Association membership)

OV-10 Bronco.Net
(US mil Broncos, US civil Broncos, worldwide use, models, tech data, links etc)

P-3 Orion Research Group
(Worldwide P-3 news & info, RNeth Navy P-3 details, links)

Rearwin Airplanes
(Aircraft info, pics, aircraft locator, links, references)

Sam's C-130 Page
(C-130 info and pics, books etc, lots of links)

Skyhawk Association
(A-4 Skyhawk info, pics, Assn info, links)

Spectre Gunner's Home Page
(USAF AC-130 Gunships pics & info: FAQ, history, mission, aircraft used etc)

The DC-3 Aviation Museum
(Lots of C-47/DC-3 info, pics, tech data, stories etc)

The Fighting Phantom Page
(F-4E in Vietnam, Israeli use, pics)

The Gunfighter's Page
(F-8 Crusader history, pics, aces, records, use, links etc)

The Hangar - Propwash
(Lots of US Navy P-3 Orion info & links)

The Official A-1 Skyraider Site
(Bulletin board, combat journal, Skyraider Association)

The Vulcan Restoration Trust
(VRT info, news, Vulcan XL426 info, events, pics, links etc)

Thud Ridge Web
(F-105 Thunderchief units, honor roll, pics, MiG killers, articles, links etc)

Tomcat Alley - F-14 Homepage
(F-14 Tomcat variants, losses, sqns, pics, kits, links)

Vulcan 558 Club
(Bruntingthorpe Vulcan XH558 - news, history, pics, facts, survivors etc)

Air Forces

12 O'Clock High!
(Warbird pics and WW2 Luftwaffe info - organisation, units, markings, ranks, reference books, links etc)

Associacion Aire
(Guide to the aircraft, history and units of the Spanish Air Force - Spanish text)

Armada Argentina
(Unofficial site in English - ships, aircraft, South Atlantic war etc with pics and links)

Aviones Argentinos
(Good photos of Argentine AF, Navy, Army and Coastguard aircraft)

Die Österreichischen Luftstreitkräfte
(Austrian Air Force Homepage - news, aircraft pics and info, bases map)

Forca Aerea Portuguesa
(Official info - organisation, units, aircraft, museum, pics etc)

Haze Gray & Underway
(Current & historical world naval forces data, ships, naval aviation, links, pics)

Indian Air Force - Bharatiya Vayu Sena
(History, pics, sqns and equipment, Indian aerospace news, features, links, modelling etc)

Imperial Iranian Air Force
(History, photos, aircraft info, discussion forum etc))

Israel Defence Forces
(Official info on mission, history, FAQ's, fact sheets, links, units including the air force)

Japan Air Self Defense Force Home Page
(News, info, pics, events, display team info, fact sheets)

Marina Militare Sito Non Ufficiale
(Unofficial Italian Navy site - bibliography, info & pics of Garibaldi a/c carrier & it's air wing)

Military Aircraft Photo Report
(Photo report of a current world air force each month + archive of previous reports)

Ministerie Van Defensie
(Dutch Ministry of Defence - Army, Navy, Air Force news and info - in Dutch)

(Finnish Defence Forces official info)

Royal Auxiliary Air Force
(Modern RAuxAF units, bases, news, history, recruitment etc)

Solo Aviation
(Israeli AF F-16 versions, operations, sqns, pics, links)

The Royal Air Force Home Page
(Official site -aircraft & weapons, units & bases, news, displays, links)

The Royal Navy
(Official navy news, history, careers, current structure, links, FAQ etc)

The South African Air Force
(South African Air Force History, organisation, order of battle, aircraft etc)

The Unofficial Singapore Air Force Homepage
(News, a/c and sqns, history, insignia, visitors, links, modelling etc)

World's Air Forces Home Page
(Alphabetical list of all a/c types used by each country - for all countries)


AMR Welcome Page
(American Airlines info)

Ansett Australia
(Airline info, travel info, Australia info)

British Airways
(Company info, schedules, aircraft, etc plus lots of info on associated airlines)

KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines
(About KLM, travel info, frequent flyer info, quiz, partner airlines)

Luxair Home Page
(Airline info, history, aircraft, routes)

Qantas Airways
(News, reservations, schedules etc)

Southwest Airlines
(SWA schedules, offers, airline info)

Air Racing

Official Site Of The Reno Air Racing Assn.
(Events, tickets, RARA info, results, news, links etc)


Air Fete Home Page
(RAF Mildenhall airshow pics & info, links)

(US airshow schedule, pics, merchandise, display teams, links etc)

(International Council of Air Shows, about ICAS, literature, FAQ, US airshows schedule etc)

Paris Air Show
(Show info, pics & details of last show, exhibitors info, links)

Sun n' Fun Online
(The EAA fly-in & airshow, news & info, museum, contact info)

The Official Patty Wagstaff Website
(US female aerobatic pilot biography, pics, airshows, links)

Black Projects

Area 51
(Info on the USAF top secret test area - data frozen from 1999)

Mystery Aircraft
(Info on secret aircraft programmes)

Civil Air Travel

Airport Information
(US airport info)

Air Transport Action Group
(Aims of ATAG, benefits of air transport, air traffic forecasts)

Air Transport Association
(US airline operations news & info)

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
(Flight info, airport guide, news, maps, photos, links)

Aviation Safety Network
(Airliner accident details, database of accidents, in-depth reports)

The CAA of New Zealand
(CAA news, publications, links, on-line queries incl. aircraft register)

(US Civil Aviation info: airlines, airports, piloting etc)

International Air Transport Association
(Assn info, membership info, news & services)

Manchester Airport UK
(Passenger info, news, timetable etc)

Office of Accident Investigation
(FAA aircraft accident reports)

Significant Aviation Accidents Database
(Database of civil airliner accidents 1908-1999)

The Air Charter Guide
(Info on world aircraft charter operators)


(Italian aerospace news & info)

Canadian Historical Aircraft Association
(Association info)

Manitoba Aviation Page
(List of links)

Polish Aviation Site
(Military aviation, pics, museums, spotters, modelling, links)

Russian Aviation Page
(Lots of links and pics)

Russian Aviation Research Page
(Russian & Czech avtn regiments tabulation, Hungarian mil a/c pics)

Swedish Military Aviation
(All a/c types used, lots of pics, technology features, history, news, lots of links)

(Canadian aviation info, files & pics archive, links)

Venik's Aviation Page
(Russian, US and World aviation news, literature & flight sim reviews)

Flight Simulation

(Huge site dedicated to Flight Simulation software and add-ons)

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