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Modern Military Aviation

(Modern military aircraft pics & info, postwar Luftwaffe info & pics, links. German text)


Air & Space Museum Links
(Links to official aviation museum websites in USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand)

Air Mobility Command Museum
(Dover AFB USAF transport museum info, exhibits, pics, links)

Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum
(Museum info, guided tour, picture archive, links)

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum
(Museum guide, exhibit info & pics, events)

Central Finland Aviation Museum
(Finnish AF aircraft list, exhibits pics, links etc)

DC-3 Vennerne/Danish Dakota Friends
(Support assn. for airworthy Danish DC-3, activities & contact info, pics, links etc)

Delaware Valley Historical Aircraft Association
(Museum at Willow Grove PA, exhibit info, Assn info, links)

Dutch Historic Jet Association
(CM-170 Magister info, DHJA info, news & pics, etc)

The Fighter Collection
(Pics, news & info on IWM Duxford based warbirds, links)

Imperial War Museum Duxford
(Admission details, Duxford history, exhibits, pics, airshows, etc)

MAPS Air Museum
(Society and US museum info, exhibits, news, events, links)

National Air & Space Museum Homepage
(Includes links to related sites)

National Museum of Naval Aviation
(USN aircraft museum - FAQ, facilities, exhibits, events etc)

Pima Air & Space Museum
(Large US aircraft museum - museum info, exhibit info, links)

Preserved US Military Aircraft
(Listing with pics of all preserved US military a/c, links to many US a/c museums and misc sites)

Royal Air Force Museum, Hendon
(Museum info, virtual visit, shop, events, Bomber Cmnd Assn etc)

Strategic Air & Space Museum
(Museum and exhibit info, links)

The 390th Memorial Museum Home Page
(390th BG info, aircraft, veterans, museum info, pics etc.)

The Air Museum Planes of Fame
(Background info, location details, featured aircraft, events calendar)

United States Air Force Museum
(Museum & exhibit info, links)

United States Naval Shipbuilding Museum
(Museum info, links, exhibit info, world a/c carriers, world navies today, US naval ships, FAQ etc)


Aircraft FotoImages
(Lots of military aircraft pics from 1900 to the present)

Airshow Action Photo Gallery
(Lots of recent military airshow pics, links)

(Commercial aviation picture database)

Aviation Art And Star Trek Art - By Dru Blair
(Downloadable artwork images, catalogue info on works by the artist)

Dryden Research Aircraft Photo Archive
(Lots of pics)

Kiwi Aircraft Images
(Lots of pics of aircraft in New Zealand)

Martin Slides
(Aviation photography hints, US/Canadian/RAF mil a/c pics, slides to swap)

Mick's Airliner Photo Mega-Index
(Alphabetical index by airline of webpage airliner pics)

NASA-JSC Digital Image Collection - Johnson Space Center
(Over 9000 pictures of space shuttle & space missions)

Phantom Productions Aviation Photography
(F-4 pics, Gulf War pics, Dayton'97, Oceana 97, Canadian Armed Forces, links)

Planes And Things
(Military aircraft and airliner pics)

Vintage Arte
(On-line store selling reproduction vintage posters - including many aviation subjects)

Vortex Aeroshots
(High quality photos of military and civil aircraft, with discussion forum)


Aerosearch Virtual AERO-Port
(Aircraft spares, services, homepages)

Aero Vintage Books
(Books for sale on WW2 US aircraft types, B-17 info, B-25 info)

Aircraft Shopper Online Home Page
(700 aircraft for sale, dealers & product info)

Avart Aviation Art Gallery
(Aviation art for sale)

(UK aviation collectables - videos, prints, pics, multimedia etc)

Aviation World
(Canadian pilot and aviation hobby supplies shop)

Classic Aviation Art
(Aviation art for sale, Gallery, classifieds, artists, ordering info)

Flash Aviation Website
(Dutch aviation hobby shop)

German Militaria & Collectables
(Collectables, limited edition prints etc for sale, Me109 detailed history)

Ghosts Homepage
(Aviation photography of Philip Makanna, merchandise info)

Global Aviation Navigator
(Directory of aviation businesses, products and services)

Linden Hill
(Importer of Russian/CIS aviation books, kits and accessories. Products, model photos & articles, links)

LoPresti Speed Merchants
(Info on speed mods for US light aircraft, biography of Roy Lopresti)

Military Aviation Photography
(Quality US aviation photos and artwork for sale, links, ordering info)

Outlaw Aircraft Sales Inc
(Outlaw Aircraft Sales Inc)

Piazzai Models
(Supplier of high quality display models - with online shop)

(Aviation clothing, covers, banners etc, links, a/c for sale)

Snow Leopard Productions
(Product info: Soviet-era aviation books, magazines, aviation artwork etc)

Squadron Mail Order's Home Page
(Aircraft models & books, sales info, links)

SureCheck Aviation Pilot Supplies
(Civil aircraft checklists and pilot's supplies for sale)

The Aviation On-Line Network
(Aircraft & parts sales, weather & FAA info)

The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund Enterprises
(RIAT airshow, Skyhigh catalogue, publications, RAFBF info)

Threshold Aviation's Home Page
(Candian pilot and aviation hobby shop)

Wessex Aerospace
(Company info, customers, aircraft parts and services available, links)

Wonderful World of Flying
(Photos, videos, AOPA info)

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