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Air & Space Magazine Home Page
(Articles and reviews from the magazine)

Aircraft Illustrated
(Subscription info & links, this months contents listing)

Attack and Bombers of the World
(Concise guide book to the attack aircraft and bombers currently in service)

Aviation & Pilote
(French private pilots magazine - news, pics, projects, links etc. English /French text)

Aviation Week
(Aviation Week news, subscription info)

Corporate Monthly
(Spotters magazine info, some pics)

Defence Systems Daily
(Land, sea and air defence news, features, diary, technology etc. UK biased coverage)

Flug Revue Home Page
(German aerospace magazine: news summary, pics, data files, subscription info etc)

Happy Landings
(Humourous books on private flying in Canada)

Jane's Information Group Home Page
(Product info and extracts from publications)

Key Publishing
(Aviation magazine info, subscription details, back issues etc)

Naval Aviation News
(US Naval Aviation magazine - articles in PDF format)

Small Air Forces Observer
(Magazine info, links)

Sport Helicopter & Pilot Gobal Information Exchange
(Info on owning & operating kit-built helicopters, info on main types)

Scale Modelling

IPMS USA Home Page
(Chapter info, events, membership info, international branches, SIG links)


The X Prize Virtual World
(Info on $10M competition for space tourist launch vehicle)


Aerodata Military Aircraft and Aviation Information
(Computerised spotters aircraft databases for sale)

Andy Hutchings
(Newcastle airport info, pics, Air North info, links)

Sao Paulo Aviation Spot
(Brazilian airliner pics and news, Guarulhos Airport info, links)

Scramble On The Web
(Magazine info, civil/military aviation info, lots of links)

Solent Aviation Society
(Society info, publications, UK airshow dates, links)

Spotters' HKG
(Hong Kong - airport news & info, spotting, airlines based in HKG, links, pics etc)

Spotting Group Volkel
(Spotting info, Volkel movements, F-104 pics)

(Valkenburg Aircraft Spotters Foundation - SVVS info, magazine, Valkenburg info & movements, news, links)

Ulster Aviation Society Homepage
(Events, society info, pics, links)

US Armed Forces

AirForceLINK Homepage
(USAF Server: news, photos, info, aircraft/weapons/organisations fact sheets etc)

Air University Home Page
(USAF info, AU info, research/library info)

Army LINK - US Army Homepage
(Index links to aviation pages)

Eagle3's Nest
(USS Midway CAG-5 info & pics)

Davis-Monthan Air Force Base
(Base news, tour info, AMARC info, unit info, links)

Defense News Online
(US military news, pics, links)

(USN SH-60 unit info, officers, SH-60B info)

Hurricane Hunters Home Page
(USAF 53 WRS unit info, mission, aircraft info, pics, FAQ etc)

Joe Baugher's Home Page
(USAAF/USAF serials, USN/USMC serials, links)

NAS Whidbey Island Home Page
(USN airbase - mission, history, aircraft, links etc)

Navy Factfile:Aircraft Carriers
(Specs & details of US Navy aircraft carriers)

Nellis Air Force Base
(Base history, general info, units, aircraft pics, links)

P.C.U. Harry S. Truman CVN-75 Homepage
(Aircraft carrier statistics, people, air wing info, pics etc)

Screaming Eagle Home Page
(101st Airborne Divn US Army - history, pics, aircraft used, links)

Tailhook Association Home Page
(US Naval aviation: Assn info, The Hook magazine, archives, re-unions, links etc)

The Air Base
(USAF recruitment page - virtual tour of typical airbase showing opportunites for recruits)

The Hangar - Rotorwash
(USN Helicopter info, links etc)

The United States Marine Corps
(News, FAQ, about the Marines, events, links, weapons & equipment etc)

United States Navy Patrol Squadrons Home Page
News, a/c used, units, history, pics, reunions, links etc)

US Coast Guard Homepage
(Includes aviation pages)

US Navy
(Official USN news, info & pics including aviation)

U.S. Navy History
(Naval Historical Center - lots of info including Naval Aviation)

USS Augusta (CA-31)
(Pics of USN floatplane scout aircraft)

Warbirds & Vintage Aircraft

Duke of Brabant Air Force
(Dutch warbirds info, pics, links)

The Collings Foundation
(US B-17 and B-24 warbird operator, news & pics)

Warbird Flying
(Fly in a Chipmunk or AT-6 at Shoreham Airport, aircraft info, pics, contact info)

Warbirds Over New Zealand
(NZ warbird pics, links)

Warbird Stories
(Info on warbird mailing list, flight in a warbird, B-17G, links)

Web-birds: Warbirds On The Web
(Lots of pics of WW2 aircraft, news, links)

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