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No.1 1991 2-3
Best fighter in the world Part 1; YF-22 vs YF-23; F-15J
No.2 1991 4-5
Best fighter in the world Part 2
No.3 1991 6-7
Best fighter in the world Part 3 – Light Fighter F-16,F/A-18 vs MiG-29; Super Scene Series AV-8; P-3C; B-2; AH-64E; TAC Fighter Sq (2); JASDF (3) F-1; World Air Forces Series (1); Air Power World; APG Aircraft Profile (3)
No.4 1991 8-9
F-22 Lightning II; Patrouille de France; Super Scene Series; AIM-120; JSDF; Air Base Now (1); JSDF (4) HSS-2; World Air Force (2); APG; Air Power World; APG Aircraft Profile(4) A-6
No.5 1991 10-11
Air Tattoo ’91; AMX; Best fighter in the world Part 4 – fighter-bomber
No.6 1991 12-1
Air Tattoo ’91 (Part 2); Snowbirds; UH-60J; Best fighter in the world Part 5 – European fighters
No.7 1992 2-3
F-15E Strike Eagle; Fire!; JSDF; F-117A; Air Base Now; JSDF (7) T-4; World Air Force (5); APG Aircraft Profile (7) F-111
No.8 1992 4-5
Wings of Independence; JASDF F-15J 10th Anniversary Special Report; JSDF Series 8; Air Base Now; JSDF P-3C; World Air Force; Challenge Report; Wide Profile (1) F-14
No.9 1992 6
Blue Angels; B-52; T-2
No.10 1992 7
Top Color Special McDOnnell Douglas F/A-18; JSDF Series 9 F-4EJ 20th Anniversary; Special Report Airpower at sea; JSDF UH-60H; Current Topic T-45; World Air Force; Air Power World; Wide Profile(3) McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet; Support Airpower; APG; APG; APG
No.11 1992 8
Top Color Special Fairchild A-10; JSDF Series 10 “Cope North ’92-3”; JSDF C-1; World Air Force; Support Airpower; APG; Air Power World; APG; Wide Profile (4) Grumman EA-6B Prowler; APG
No.12 1992 9
No information
No.13 1992 10
No information
No.14 1992 11
No information
No.15 1992 12
No information
No.16 1993 1
B-1B Lancer; JSDF F-1; JSDF Topics; World Air Force; Support Airpower; Wide Profile (9) LTV A-7 Corsair II
No.17 1993 2
No information
No.18 1993 3
No information
No.19 1993 4
No information
No.20 1993 5
Top Color Special: Mikoyan MiG-23/-27; JSDF CH-47; Part 1 Eagle Deployment; Part 2 Eagle Aggressors; World Air Force; JSDF News; APG; Wide Profile (13) McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle; APG; Air Power World; Support Airpower; APG [90 pages]
No.? 1993 Autumn
JASDF 1994
No.? 1993 Winter
No information
No.? 1994 Spring
World Air Force Directory 1994
No.? 1994 Summer
No information
No.? 1994 Autumn
No information
No.? 1994 Winter
No information
No.? 1995 Spring
Air bases in Japan [160 pages]
No.? 1995 Summer
JSDF Air Power: Fighter Town Nyuta; Air Base 24; Fighter Base; [144 pages]
No.? 1995 Autumn
No information
No.? 1995 Winter
USAF 1995: Air Demonstration Squadron; F-22 Superstar; Fighting Falcon Story; Air Power of the USAF; Organization of the USAF
No.? 1996 Spring
No information
No.? 1996 Summer
JSDF Land and Sea aviation units

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