Air World (1) – 1990s Contents Listing

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No.158 January 1990
air monograph BAe Nimrod
No.159 February 1990
air monograph WWII US Navy and Air Force emblem
No.160 March 1990
air monograph Boeing 747-400
No.161 April 1990
air monograph McDonnell Douglas MD-11
No.162* May 1990
F-15XX & F-15S/MTD; RoCAF F-104s; Heli Expo 90; Singapore Air Show 1990; air monograph General Dynamics F-111
No.163* June 1990
Electronic Warfare & EA-6B inc 1/72 scale drawings insert; Carrier Operational Su-27 & MiG-29; air monograph Rockwell International B-1B; Pakistan Navy aviation; JASDF Hamamatsu AB; F-117, F-4s of 18 TFW; CVN70 Carl Vinson; C-46 Commando; Fw 190A; Restored Mitsubishi Zero Fighter; Beech 400 USAF Trainer
No.164* July 1990
F-8E(FN); air monograph Focke Wulf Ta 152
No.165* August 1990
ATF; Mirage 2000; air monograph Grumman F6F Hellcat; F-117A; F-14A; Kaman SH-2 1/72 scale drawing; SAAB 2000
No.166* September 1990
F-117 incl. 1/72 scale drawing; ATF YF-23; air monograph MiG-23/27 Flogger; Focke Wulf Fw 190A-5/-8; 50h anniv Battle of Britain airshow
No.167* October 1990
F-18 Hornet; L-39 in Eastern Europe; RAF’s Phantoms & Tornados; air monograph North American F-100 Super Sabre incl 1/72 scale drawing
No.168* November 1990
F-117A; F-15; air monograph Tupolev Tu-95 & -142 Bear; VF-111
No.169 December 1990
air monograph Bell/Boeing V-22 Osprey
No.170 January 1991
air monograph Boeing E-3 Sentry
No.171 February 1991
Boeing 777; CV-41; air monograph Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker
No.173* March 1991
YF-22; air monograph Dassault Mirage 2000
No.174 April 1991
JMSDF SH-3; air monograph North American A-5/RA-5C Vigilante part 1
No.175 May 1991
Su-22; air monograph North American A-5A/RA-5C Vigilante part 2
No.176 June 1991
JMSDF P-3; air monograph The US Air Force
No.177 July 1991
A340; T-45; ATF YF-22; air monograph Mikoyan Gurevitch MiG-29 Fulcrum
No.178* August 1991
YF-22; air monograph Airbus A320/321
No.179 September 1991
Rafale; F-4D; air monogaph Douglas F4D Skyray
No.180* October 1991
MiG-23; air monograph McDonnell Douglas F/A-18E Hornet
No.181 November 1991
air monograph Mikoyan MiG-31 Foxhound
No.182* December 1991
C-17; PAH-2; air monograph Eurocopter Tiger
No.183* January 1992
Viggen; air monograph Douglas SBD Dauntless
No.184 February 1992
F-14D; air monograph B-2 Stealth Bomber
No.185 March 1992
F-117; CVW-8; Air monograph SAAB 35 Draken
No.186 April 1992
JMSDF P-2 & P-3; CVW-11 & F-14A; air monograph Panavia Tornado ADV
No.187 May 1992
F-16C/D; air monograph Vought OS2U Kingfisher
No.188 June 1992
VMA-211 & AV-8B; air monograph US Navy Anti-Submarine Aircraft Carrier Squadron 1
No.189 July 1992
F-117A; air monograph US Navy Anti-Submarine Aircraft Carrier Squadron 2
No.190 August 1992
SH-60J; air monograph US Navy Anti-Submarine Aircraft Carrier Squadron 3
No.191 September 1992
VMA-133 & A-4M; air monograph Tupolev Tu-22M Backfire; Air Tournament International 92; new USAF organisation
No.192* October 1992
F-14A; air monograph Lockheed F-22 Superstar
No.193* November 1992
F-16ADF; CVW-3 & F-14A; air monograph McDonnell Douglas C-17
No.194 December 1992
air monograph Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack
Vol.17 No.1 No.195* January 1993
F-15J; Future SST; Cope North 93-1; USS Nimitz; NAF Atsugi; air monograph Kamov Ka-27/-29 Helix
No.196* February 1993
F-15E; F/A-18E/F air monograph Lockheed Constellation (civil)
No.197* March 1993
FS-X; BAe Jetstream 41; U-125; air monograph A340; Team Work ’92; AFFTC at Edwards AFB; air monograph Airbus A330/A340; French at Red Flag; F-111; CIS Watching; MD520N Notar for Japan; MD Explorer; Fw 190 im Western
No.198* April 1993
JASDF 93; E-767; air monograph Sikorksy MH-53E Sea Dragon; Mine Sweeper of JMSDF MH-53E; Tactical Air Meet 92; JGSDF’s First Training in 1993; P.180 Avanti; Survival Training fo JMSDF
No.199 May 1993
air monograph Lockheed Constellation (military)
No.200 June 1993
JMSDF P-3C; air monograph McDonnell Douglas MD-90
No.201* July 1993
USMC OV-10D; air monograph Dassault Rafale; Airbus; Luftwaffe JG 3 in WW2
No.202* August 1993
Stealth Technology; Fly By Wire; air monograph Lippisch; JG 54 Grunherz; Flying Dolphin; Kawaski T-4; JASDFs 1st Wing; F-16 AFTI; Cope North 93-3; Bell 230; Wings 93; Fighter Pilot Course (3); Air Shows at Hyakuri & Shimofusa; CIS Watching; ATR72
No.203* September 1993
Paris Air Show 1993; Viggen base visit; Gripen; aircraft carrier Foch; AV-8B; Swedish AF; PS-1; air monograph MiG-21 prototype
No.204 October 1993
air monograph JAS 39 Gripen
No.205 November 1993
air monograph Mi-8/-17/-14
No.206* December 1993
F-22; PS-1; air monograph Kawasaki T-4; MiG-29; Sawyer AFB; Polish AF MiG-21-93; CVW-5; Reno ’93
No.207 January 1994
air monograph Yak-141
No.208 February 1994
air monograph FJ Fury
Vol.18 No.3 No.209 March 1994
CV-67 USS J.F. Kennedy; Planning of B-2 deployment; Fighter jet engine technology; air monograph Dassault Mirage III/5/50; Junkers Ju 88
No.210 April 1994
air monograph Dassault Mirage III/5/50 development types and subtypes
No.211* May 1994
Asian Aerospace 1994; PS-1 development; South Korea aerospace industry; air monograph Grumman E-2C Hawkeye
No.212 June 1994
air monograph Sikorsky S-70/H-60
No.213 July 1994
air monograph BAe Hawk, McDonnell Douglas T-45 Goshawk
No.214 August 1994
air monograph McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II (1)
No.215 September 1994
air monograph McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II (2)
No.216 October 1994
air monograph McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II (3)
Vol.18 No.11 No.217 November 1994
US Space Command; Turning Point for JASDF; air monograph Northrop Grumman E-8A/C JSTARS; Thunderbirds visit
No.218 December 1994
air monograph ATR family; Farnborough Air Show
No.219 January 1995
air monograph Curtiss P-40 series
No.220 February 1995
air monograph V/STOL Harrier fighter
No.221* March 1995
FS-X; U-X; AIDC; air monograph Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress; 302 TFS 20th Anniv; Combat Gazelle of French Army; Russian Bombers at Ryazan; WWII German Fighters in Finland; C-17 Globemaster III; Nellis Approach; DHC-8
No.222 April 1995
air monograph Special: Air relief activities of the Great Hanshin Earthquake
No.223 May 1995
air monograph Lockheed U-2 Dragon Lady
Vol.19 No.6 No.224 June 1995
new generation Russian air-to-air missiles; CL-415; CV-62; air monograph Antonov An-124, An-225
No.225* July 1995
VTOL aircraft; air monograph Boeing B-52H Stratofortress; Greek Mirage; Zero Fighter Return to Motherland; US Navy Mine Hunters HM-12 & HM-14; FS-X No.01; Phoenix 500 Air Race; Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome
No.226 August 1995
air monograph Bell/Boeing V-22 Osprey
No.227 September 1995
air monograph McDonnell Douglas/BAe Harrier/Sea Harrier
No.228 October 1995
air monograph SAAB 2000
No.219* November 1995
Boeing 777; USS Independence; Travis AFB Museum; air monograph Mitsubishi FS-X fighter
No.230 December 1995
F/A-18E/F; FS-X rollout; Reno Air Races ’95; Operation Deny Flight; Boeing 767 & 767 AWACS
No.231 January 1996
FS-X in Flight Test; Large passenger aircraft fly-by-wire; air monograph Boeng X-20 Dynasoar
No.232 February 1996
air monograph Northrop YB-49
No.233 March 1996
air monograph Rockwell International B-1B
No.234 April 1996
air monograph Lifting Body experimental aircraft (M2, HL-10, X-24)
No.235* May 1996
Asian Aerospace ’96; C-17; JAL’s first Boeing 777 handed over; air monograph Horten Ho 229; Air & Space Museum; STAR JET Appears; JAST; IAI recent history; Cyprus Nationl Guard; CV-62 and CVW-5; Mike Flight; Eastern Front 1942; Russian Watching; JMSDF Hachinohe AB; Global Express
No.236 June 1996
air monograph Boeing CH-47 Chinook
No.237 July 1996
air monograph Northrop Grumman F-14 Tomcat 1
No.238 August 1996
JASDF F-15J; air monograph Fuji-Bell 205B
No.239 September 1996
air monograph Northrop Grumman F-14 Tomcat 2
No.240 October 1996
air monograph Kawasaki P-2J
No.241 November 1996
air monograph Tupolev Tu-95/142 Bear
No.242* December 1996
Farnborough 1996; X-33; Misawa Air Festival; EH-101 and Bell 430; air monograph Tupolev Tu-95/-142 Bear part 2
No.243* January 1997
AH-64D Apache Long Bow; Birth of Bell Helicopter; air monograph BAe Hawk; ANA airliner special colour schemes; Seoul Air Show; RoCAF maintenance unit
No.244 February 1997
air monograph Sukhoi Flanker family
No.245 March 1997
air monograph Boeing Next-Generation 737; Luftwaffe JG 26 in WW2
No.246 April 1997
air monograph Aero L-39/-59 Albatross
No.247* May 1997
Manned Recce Aircraft; F-4EJ; air monograph Avro 698 Vulcan; Hurricane; Air Reconnaissance Squadron; Heli Expo 1997; Ministry of Transport Flight Inspection aircraft
No.248 June 1997
air monograph EH Industries EH-101
No.249 July 1997
F-22 Raptor; USAF 50th Anniv; Komaki AB; air monograph Mikoyan MiG-19; UH-60J
No.250 August 1997
air monograph Bell 206 family
Vol.21 No.9 No.251* September 1997
Paris Air Show 1997; air monograph Northrop/Grumman YF-23; MH2000 helicopter; RoCAF Mirage 2000; XF-2A foldout poster
No.252 October 1997
Royal International Air Tattoo 97; air monograph Boeing 767; Kisarazu garrison; JGSDF AH-1S
No.253 November 1997
air monograph Boeing (MDC) DC-9 Series
No.254 December 1997
303 TFS F-15J 10 Years; F-22 first flight; Boeing 777-300 roll out; CVN-68 Nimitz; air monograph Lockheed Martin C-130J; Misawa AB; RoCAF
No.255 January 1998
Yugoslav AF; P-3C; Sukhoi S-37; air monograph English Electric Canberra (1)
No.256 February 1998
F-22 technology; Cope North 98-1; Misawa AB; Chitose AB; air monograph Eurocopter Puma/Super Puma; JGSDF 1st Helicopter Group
No.257 March 1998
Boeing single-aisle aircraft; XF-2; Czech AF; air monograph English Electric Canberra (2)
No.258 April 1998
air monograph Sikorsky H-60 Hawk family
No.259 May 1998
XF-2; Singapore Air Show ’98; air monograph English Electric Canberra (3)
No.260 June 1998
air monograph Douglas DC-3
No.261 July 1998
air monograph Boeing 777
No.262 August 1998
JASDF F-15J; Airbus airliner market; air monograph genealogy of Tilt-Rotor aircraft and Bell 609
No.263 September 1998
50-years T-33A; ANA flies Pokemon; XF-2; Tornado ECR in JBG 32; air monograph Consolidated B-24 Liberator
No.264 October 1998
JMSDF Kanoya AB; air monograph Boeing C-135 series (1); Rim Pac 98
No.265 November 1998
Strong Resolve 98; JASDF UAVs; air monograph Boeing C-135 series (2)
No.266 December 1998
air monograph Boeing C-135 series (3)
No.267 January 1999
air monograph MiG-25 Foxbat
No.268 February 1999
China’s FBC-1; Eurofighter 2000; Austrian AF; air monograph Avro Lancaster
No.269 March 1999
air monograph Cessna Citation
No.270 April 1999
JASDF 1999; JASDF 6 Fighter Wing F-15s; JGSDF LR-2 Super King Air; air monograph McDonnell Douglas/Mitsubishi F-4EJ/RF-4E
No.271 May 1999
air monograph Boeing/Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche
No.272 June 1999
NATO Air Strikes; Boeing 717; air monograph McDonnell Douglas DC-10 family
No.273 July 1999
JASDF C-130H Transport unit; air monograph US Air Force 1999
No.274 August 1999
AH-64; UH-60J & XOH-1
No.275 September 1999
No information
No.276 October 1999
Air Tattoo 99; NATO Warplanes in Tirana; ANA61 Flight Hijacked; CV-64 Constellation
No.277 November 1999
National Display Teams in RIAT’99; Eurocopter Tiger; Boeing 767-400ER
No.278 December 1999
JASDF 8th Wing F-15J & F-1; F-2; The Mighty Hunter – Nimrod; Neptune Festival 1999; Wings ’99; MH2000; AH-64D

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