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1 July 1994
AdlA in 1994; Adieu au Rhin – la ‘reco’ quitte l’Alsace; Mirage 2000 over Nevada; Etoiles Filantes – last Russian Sqns leave Germany
2 November 1994
French AF 1994 ‘Comote’ fighter trophy contest at Cazaux; Soviet fighters in East Germany; Mirage III/5 retires; EC 2/13 at Colmar; Hungarian MiG-29 Fulcrum
3 December 1994
30th Anniv Forces Aeriennes Strategiques; CIS air force in East Germany; AdlA Mirage F.1s to Spanish AF; Mirage 5BA in Belgian service; Mirages over Pakistan
‘Central Enterprise’ Canadian & US deployments to Europe; Puerto Rico ANG visits Chile; Air Gunnery training at Solenzara airbase; Soviet Recon units in East Germany
Special issue on Mirage 2000 in French AF service, with unit histories, colour insignia and schemes
Mexican Naval Avtn; Exercise ‘Ample Train’ at Pfersfeld; Royal Danish AF Esk 721 in Greenland; CIS transports in East Germany
Goodbye EdC 3/12 ‘Cornouaille’; B-2 Spirit at Paris; Ukraine Su-27; Brazil AF; Brazil P-47; Soviet Attack helis in East Germany
Polish Minsk-based 1.PLM MiG-29 exchange to Dijon-based EC 2; CITAC 339 Luxeuil; JaboG 35 disestablished; JG 73 F-4/MiG-29s; ‘Chuting Stars’ – Soviet CIS Air Force withdrawal from Germany
Turkish F-5 aerobatic team; EC1/7 ‘Provence’ Jaguars for SEAD; Mosaero Salon 1995; AMI’s 100,000 hours on the Tornado; EC2/3 ‘Champagne’ Anniversary; 30 Years of Royal Swedish Air Force C-130
Aeronavale 36F Helicopter; 50th Anniv of French AF Transport Command FAP (ex CoTAM); MH.1521 Broussard Album; Tactical Air Meet 1995; Belgian Army Light Aviation Corps (ALFT); ‘Co-operative Jaguar 95’ at Karup
11 January-February 1996
AdlA’s ER1/33 50th anniversary; Franco-Czech Squadron exchange at Colmar; Italian AF 28 Gruppo AMX ‘Witches’; SAA Mirage; Bulgarian Naval Air Arm; French photographer sets new altitude record in Russian MiG-25PU; SOCATA TBM.700; Air Force Insignia Poster
Japan’s Blue Impulse aerobatic team; ODAX ’96 exercise; Russian Knights tribute; Rafale M at NAS Lakehurst; ER 1/33 anniversary; NATO Tactical Leadership Programme; Morane MS.760 Paris
Belgian AF 1er Wing, Beauchevain; DHC-6 Twin Otter; Mirage IVP; AdlA EB2/91 Retires; Beja NATO Tiger Meet ’96; NATO TLP at Florennes part 2
1st Belgian Air Force Fighter Wing History; NATO’s Tactical Discussions & Procedures Update at Beauchevain; Sweden’s Last Drakens of F10 Wing; NATO P & P Exercise in Hungary; Morane MS760 Paris
French Jaguars in Italy; ‘Mini’ Tiger Meet; German Air Force Back in Combat; MiG-21 with Malagasy Air Force; F-84F in French Service; Patrouille de France in 1997
Turkey’s Naval Aviation; Swiss AF F/A-18 Exchange to AdlA’s EC 1/20 at Dijon; French Exercise ‘Odax97’; Italian Avanti AMX.1 in service; Belgian Air Force: First 50 Years Pt.1
Ju 88G-1 recovery from Hungarian lake; Republic of Congo Air Force; USAFE F-4E Phantoms; The Last Air Ops aboard the Clemenceau; Le Bourget Backstage; Avanti AMX.1 Part 2; Belgian Air Force part 2
Fouga Magister withdrawal from AdlA service; 52 Fighter Wing deployment to Bitburg; ETOM 50 at La Reunion; Royal International Air Tattoo 1997
Russian AF visits EC2/30 at Colmar; AdlA’s EC1/3 passes 15,000 flight hours on the Mirage 2000D; Last French Fouga Magister; Moscow Air Show 1997
Petlyakov Pe-2 wreck in Hungary’s Lake Balaton; 10,000 flight hours on CN-235 of ETL 1/62; Finnish Gunnery Camp at Oulunsalo; French-US exchange at Nancy; Last French Fougas; EC1/3 ‘Navarre’ celebrates again; Last Polish AF Su-20
21 May-June 1998
French Defence into the 21st Century; Atlantique 2 20,000 hours with 23F; Aeronavale 33 F Combat SAR; AdlA at Red Flag 98-1; SAAB J-32 Lansen for Musee de l’Air; Operation Miranda – AdlA Mirage 2000 deployment to Venezuela; Venezuelan Air Force; MS760 in Aeronavale; Planes of Fame Display
Eole ’97-98 Air Exercise; Electronic Air Warfare Symposium; RQ-4A Global Hawk; EC2/4 ‘La Fayette’ Best AdlA Squadron of 1998; Aeronavale’s 24F – 45 Year Anniversary ; Swiss Air Force part 1; ‘Odax 98’; EC2/3 ‘Champagne’ Mirage 2000D/N; F-8E(FN) to F-8P; CITAC 339 at Luxeuil
AdlA’s EC1/5 Mirage 2000 in Polish exercise; USAF Hercules 40 Years of Service; Baltic SAR Exercise; Swiss Air Force part 2; Swedish Naval Aviation; Lithuanian Air Force
100 years of aviation – Paris exhibition; Marine Flotille 35F; Republic of Singapore Air Force; AdlA for the Future; JAS 39 Gripen; Exercise Co-Operative Chance ’98; MiG-21 at Reims; Czech MiG-21; Dutch A-26 Invader
French Navy E-2C Hawkeyes on USS John F Kennedy; CVM Heli-School in Pyrenees; Uruguay’s Naval Air Arm; JAS 39 in Swedish service; US Marines MAG-46/VMFA-134; AdlA ‘Voltige Victor’ aerobatic team; Fighter Collections new P-40B in AVG colours; Czech Il-10 in France
Mirage 2000-5 of EC1/2 ‘Cigognes’; Operation ‘Allied Force’ – Air War over Yugoslavia; Reconforce ‘Zara’ – French Reconnaissance Force; AdlA at Istana; Belgian Air Force; Albania – Humanitarian Airlift, incl ALAT
27 September-October 1999
Paris Air Show 1999 Review; Kosovo Crisis; First Aeronavale Rafale; French Nuclear Carrier Charles de Gaulle; Super Etendard in ‘Allied Force’
Swiss Mirage IIIS Farewell; Helios 1B Military Earth Observation Satellite in Orbit; Tactical Fighter Weaponry ’99 in Denmark; ALAT Mirages over Yugoslavia; LongShot Missile; French Army’s EAAT Flight; Vintage Jet Meet at Las Vegas; Estonian Military Aviation
29 March-April 2000
Actualites; Quels armements pour la France du XXI siecle?; Renaissance de la 28F – Reformation of Aeronavale’s 28F at Hyeres Naval Air Station; L’Eurorenseignement ‘air’ – Strategic Reconnaissance Air Assets in Europe; Teneo silentium! – Royal Swedish Air Force Electronic Recce Caravelle/Gulfstreams in SIGINT role; Une decennie sur C-160G ‘Gabriel’ – AdlA C-160G ‘Gabriel’ in Low-key SIGINT role; Adieux en Couleurs a la F10 d’Angelholm – Swedish AF Colours at Angelholm; ‘Ample Train 2000-1’ at Solenzara; Eagle No More – USAF 53rd FS Stands down at Spangdahlem; Alert Sam! – Polygone anti-SAM training; Carnet – historical aviation notes (female pilot Maryse Hilsz, plaque of French fighter aces names); Nouveaux Livres – book reviews; Maquettisme Plastique – kit reviews
AdlA 3/7 ‘Longuedoc’ disbands at Saint Dizier; Association of Old Crows – Electronic Warfare Meet at Zurich; ‘Odax 2000’ in France; end if the Foch; ‘Eurosatory 2000’
France’s Defence Budget 2001; Naval Aviation in 2001; The Foch becomes Brazilian carrier Sao Paulo; Swiss AF Electronic Warfare; Breguet Alize; Rafale M; AdlA in the Defence of Europe; ‘Co-operative Key 2000’ in Romania
‘Gulf Falcon 6’ Franco-Qatari Exercise; AdlA in the 21st Century; ‘Catamaran 2001’ Joint Forces Exercise; Brazilian Navy; RQ-1 Predators at Indian Springs; X-32B First Flight
33 May/June 2001
44th Paris Salon; ODAX 2001; 40th Tiger Meet ; Intelligence-gathering in French national defence; Disbandment of EC2/7 and EC3/7; Belgian AF ERJ-135
34 November/December 2001
Mirage 2000s at Djibouti; Austrian Army AB204; DC-8 to Musee de l’Air; JSF: X-35 triumph in Texas; E/A-18F; EMS Days Orleans and Cazaux; Gendarmerie over Guadeloupe
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39 January-February 2003
AMIR: Mirage IIIRS sur les Alpes; Luftwaffe; Defense Nationale; Armee de l’Air; Armee de Terre
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