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No.1 July 2005
The Crest of the Akeno Fighter School (analysis of the marking of the Akeno school); The Trail of the Shiun at Arakabesang (the secrets of the operational history of one of the most misunderstood Japanese airplanes, the Shiun); A Short Story About Two Floatplanes (some Japanese floatplanes found their way to Holland via Indonesia); Vintage Album : Mitsubishi B5M1 Mabel (photos of the prototype in flight); CG Art : Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate (Hayate of the 11th Sentai color artwork); War Hero Major Hideshima (story of Maj. Hideshima, one of those totally unknown Japanese pilots who fought during the beginning of the Second Sino-Japanese War, at the mountains of North China, 3 maps); War Prize: The Capture of the First Japanese Zero Fighter (Aleutian Zero was not the first one captured and tested by the Allies); Library (Japanese publications totally unknown outside Japan) [30 pages]
No.2 October 2005
UNITS OF THE JAPANESE ARMY AIR FORCE (markings and chronologies of the Sentais of the IJAAF by Don Thorpe: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Sentai); SECOND WIND IN THE WILLOW’S (Willows operated by the Indonesians); ARMY KAMIKAZE GROUP PHOTO (story behind the group of Kamikaze pilots); JAPANESE AIRCRAFT OVER INNER MONGOLIA (largely unknown Japanese involvement in Inner Mongolia from an aviation point of view); VINTAGE ALBUM: NAKAJIMA D3N1 (a photo of the Nakajima D3N1, the unsuccessful competitor of the Val); CG POSTER Insert; JAPANESE PAYEN (story of the Mitsubishi-Payen Pa. 400); IN THE RECORD BOOKS pt.1 (chronological survey of Japanese record breaking flights); FIGHTERS UNDER THE SOUTHERN CROSS (death of Admiral Yamamoto); Library (Japanese publications totally unknown outside Japan) [49 pages]
No.3 January 2006
UNITS OF THE JAPANESE ARMY AIR FORCE Pt.2 (markings and chronologies of the Sentais of the IJAAF by Don Thorpe: 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th Sentai); NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW (an unusual encounter for Sakai Saburo); HURRICANE SAM: A BLOWN OPPORTUNITY (A7M Reppu: history, development and fate of A7M1 and A7M2); HEINKELS OVER JAPAN (the Heinkel aircraft exported to Japan); VINTAGE ALBUM: LOCKHEED TYPE LO; IN THE RECORD BOOKS pt.2 (chronological survey of Japanese record breaking flights); UNUSUAL ZEROS (4 color profiles of Zeros in not so common camouflage schemes); UNDER CLOSER INSPECTION: TACHIKAWA Ki-36 (Ki-36 Chokyo – includes history, technical details, paint schemes, cockpit illustrations etc); THE FUKUDA HIKARI 6.2 GLIDER; WEWAK, THE EARLY DAYS (significant IJAAF base) [52 pages]
No.4 May 2006
UNITS OF THE JAPANESE ARMY AIR FORCE Pt.3 (markings and chronologies of the Sentais of the IJAAF by Don Thorpe: the 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th Sentai); PHOTO JOE (Henry Sakaida refutes a story that could make a rather interesting Hollywood movie); THE “OTHER” NANKING AIRFORCE (Air Force of the collaborationist regime in Nanking); SUPER X-PLANES; HEINKELS OVER JAPAN Pt.2 (Heinkel aircraft exported to Japan); VINTAGE ALBUM: Ki-19; FANCY NATES (4 Ki-27 “Nate” colour profiles); PROPAGANDA PROPELLERS (presentation airplanes of the IJAAF); WINGED CENTIPEDES (some of the most extraordinary IJNAF and IJAAF airplane designs that could have seen action); WEWAK – THE EARLY DAYS Pt.2 (IJAAF base) [48 pages]
No.5 October 2006
HURRICANE SAM Pt. 2 (Reppu variants); THE 1919 FRENCH AVIATION MISSION TO JAPAN, Pt. 1; SPECIAL ALBUM: NAKAJIMA E8N “Dave” (IJNAF floatplane photos); SOARING FALCONS (Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa donated by the Burmese government and others with interesting camouflage and markings); JAPANESE CIVIL AIRCRAFT REGISTERS UP TO 1945 (explains the system by which Japanese civilian aircraft received their registrations and markings); ON CLOSER INSPECTION: KAWASAKI Ki-10 “Perry” (historical and technical details, paint schemes, cockpit illustrations etc); FROM LAST EMPEROR TO STRANDED PASSENGER (events leading up to the last emperor of Manchukuo’s capture); KITAI BANGO: IJAAF AIRFRAME NUMBER HANDY REFERENCE (updated list of all the known kitai (airframe) numbers with a short description of each type); SHEDDING LIGHT ON JAPAN’S ME 109s (Me 109s evaluated by the IJAAF) [52 pages]
No.6 Jun-Aug 2007
HOW TANIMIZU’S AIKI WAS REDISCOVERED (famous fighter pilot finds out the fate of his former aircraft); SPECIAL FEATURE: ZERO FLIGHTS FOR NEOPHYTES (trainer versions of the Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter); TEISHIN SHUDAN: DESTINATION PHILIPPINES (the Teishin Shudan (Raiding Group) paratrooper attacks against U.S. airfields on the island of Leyte in late 1944); THE 1919 FRENCH AVIATION MISSION TO JAPAN, Pt. 2 (the aerial gunnery course); FOKKERS OVER JAPAN; DECAL TIE-IN: FLAMBOYANT DRAGON SLAYERS (Kawasaki Ki-45 Toryu (Dragon Slayer) fighters); HELLCAT IN HINOMARU (Grumman F6F Hellcat fighter captured in Taiwan in early January 1945); HURRICANE SAM, Pt. 3 (Reppu colours and markings); RED HOT CHERRY BLOSSOMS (air operations of the Sakuradan – Cherry Blossom Bomb) [52 pages]
No.7 Sept-Dec 2007
PHOTO ALBUM: Mitsubishi F1M Pete (production line photos); Young Japan: Forgotten Symbol of Pioneer Era, Pt. 1 (flight of two Japanese pilots from Tokyo to Rome in 1931); Trophy Avenger (captured Grumman Avenger); Tried and Tested, Pt. 1 (links between Yokosuka Naval Technical Air Arsenal and Mitsubishi); Hansa: Wine-List Sketch Produces Vintage Design (IJNs first monoplane seaplane); From American Acorn to Japanese Oak (IJN intermediate training aircraft); Hurricane Sam, Pt. 4 (Reppu fighter blueprints information); Produced with Precision: The Notable Nozawa X-1 (light aircraft); From Japan to Manchuria-By Air (an Australian journalist’s account of a flight from Osaka to Dairen (now Dalian, China) in 1934) [52 pages]
No.8 Jan-Mar 2008
ON CLOSER INSPECTION #3: Mitsubishi Ki-51 Sonia; Hiro’s Farewell: H4H Flying Boat Series; Heavy Metal Leviathan: Mitsubishi Ki-20 (IJAAF heavy bomber secretly developed in the 1930s); Tribute to an Envoy: Gasuden TR-1 & TR-2 (1930s medium transport aircraft to rival the Airspeed Envoy); Young Japan: Forgotten Symbol of Pioneer Era, Pt. 2 (flight of two Japanese pilots from Tokyo to Rome in 1931); The Colors of Sally (5 Mitsubishi Ki-21 Sally colour profiles); Repelling ‘Horseflies’ (what Japanese front-line and test pilots thought about their adversaries’ aircraft and those that flew them); RELIC RARITIES (a detailed look at the tailcone from a Mitsubishi Zero-Sen Model 52); MURAYAMA’S SPRUES & NEWS(Japanese-related kit and after-market releases) [52 pages]
No.9 Apr-Jun 2008
SPECIAL FEATURE: Nakajima Ki-49 Donryu (Helen); True Colours: Kariki 117 (Japanese colour reference guide); (Re)Born Out of Necessity: Saiun Night Fighter (conversion of three-seat Saiun high-speed reconnaissance aircraft into a two-seat night fighter; Japanese Fortresses, Made in the U.S.A. (flight testing of 3 captured Boeing B-17 Flying Fortresses); From Art Deco to Bauhaus (how the Nippon Kokusai TK-3 civil transport morphed into the functional Kokusai Ki-59 military utility); Ro-Go Ko-Gata: Japan’s Short Cut to Mass Production (how British RNAS Short 184 seaplane became the basis for the first operational naval aircraft to be mass produced in Japan); Wishing Upon a Star (IJAAF unit insignia); MURAYAMA’S SPRUES & NEWS (Japanese-related kit and after-market releases); ON LOCATION (Aichi D3A2 Val dive bomber at the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg, Texas) [52 pages]
No.10 Autumn 2008
ON CLOSER INSPECTION: Yokosuka K5Y1 (Willow) (col profiles, 1/48 scale drawings); The Riddle of the Guns, Part 1 (IJAAF Kawasaki Ki-45 Toryu fighter armament configurations); An Insight into the Captains of Industry: The Kawanishi Aircraft Company; Radical Racer: Kawanishi K-2 (1921 racer, 3-view drawing); Japanese Aircraft over Inner Mongolia, Part 2: Suiyuan Incident, November 1936; Project Only: Kawanishi J6K Jimpu (rare photos); Unit History: 73rd Sentai, IJAAF; Of Heroic Tales and Heraldic Tails (Mitsubishi Ki-51 Sonia markings); When Mignet’s ‘Flea Circus’ Came to Japan – The Willow (Pou du Ciel in Japan) [50 pages]
No.11 Spring 2009
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No.12 Summer 20009
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