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0 0/1996
F-84G Thunderjet; MiG-21 (10 col profiles); B-17 Flying Fortress; Yak-9 (5 col profiles)
1 1/1997
Silent Thunder; Fokker F.VII (6 col profiles); DB-3 Boston (5 col profiles); Panavia Tornado (6 col profiles)
2 2/1997
No information
3 3/1997
No information
4-5 4-5/1997
No information
6 6/1997
No information
7 1/1998
Bristol Blenheim Special (10 col profiles)
8-9 2-3/1998
No information
10 4/1998
No information
11-12 5-6/1998
No information
13 1/1999
Fokker C.V (5 col profiles); SM-2/MiG-19 prototypes (5 col profiles); RFC fighters (5 col profiles)
14 2/1999
Special: Yer-2 Soviet long-range bomber (English summary, 52 pages, 9 col profiles)
15 3/1999
Polikarpov I-3 (5-view col drwg); RFC (4 col profiles); IDF/AF 1948 (3 col profiles)
16 4/1999
WW2 Russian front fighters (13 col profiles);
17 5/1999
AW Whitley (6 col profiles); Soviet P-39 & P-40 fighters (2 col profiles)
18 6/1999
Su-25 (4 col profiles); WW1 Russian AF (5 col profiles); Yak-1/Yak-2 (4 col profiles)
19 1/2000
US Aggressor Sqns (3 col profiles); He 177 (3 col profiles); Afghan War
20 2/2000
MiG I.44; Curtiss Hawk I/II (5 col profiles); JAAF 1930s (2 col profiles); Bf 109 in Spanish Civil War (3 col profiles); USAAS in WW1 (3 col profiles)
21 3/2000
Curtiss P-36 (5 col profiles); 586 IAP WW2 (4 col profiles); Luftwaffe fighters (4 col profiles); The Night Witches – Soviet female pilots in WW2
22 4/2000
Fairey Gannet (4 col profiles); Soviet WW2 kill markings (3 col profiles); Kamov Ka-32
23 5/2000
WW1 Russian AF (4 col profiles); Finnish Brewster Buffalo (4 col profiles); Sukhoi Su-2; Anatra aircraft; Nieuport fighters
24 6/2000
Allied WW2 kill markings (6 col profiles); Chinese Aviation In The War With Japan, 1940-1945 (3 col profiles); Henschel Hs 129 (3 col profiles)
25 1/2001
Air war on Balkans: Battle operation of aviation, Strategic bombers, Tactical attack aviation of NATO, Confrontation of aircraft of NATO and air defense weapons of Yugoslavia, Fighter aviation of NATO, Fighter aviation of Yugoslavia, Attack aviation of Yugoslavia, Piloted reconnaissance aviation, Unmanned reconnaissance planes, AWACS aircraft, carrier-planes of NATO, Helicopters and airplanes of close support; Air ammunition used in battle actions: Air guided air-to-surface weapons, Corrected and controlled air bombs, Unguided air ammunition; History of creation of Concorde; DH.84M Dragon aircraft (2 col profiles) [50 pages, 72 photos, 3 drawings]
26 2/2001
The Aviation of the Civil War in China, 1945 – 1950; He 112 fighter story (3 col profiles); The last Polikarpov’s biplane (I-153); The Story of one aircraft accident; The air war in Congo, 1960 – 1963; The Southern-African light attack planes “Impala”; “The score on the club” (Japanese WW2 kill markings – 4 col profiles) [50 pages, 56 photos, 24 illustrations, 10 schemes]
27 3/2001
The aviation in the conflict between Georgian and Abkhasia in 1992 (4 col profiles); Why the “Iceshtoss” operation was failed (8 Luftwaffe & Soviet col profiles); The Newpor family’ airplanes; Following the traces of the aviation crashes [50 pages, 68 photos, 7 schemes, 12 coloured illustrations]
28 4/2001
Br 19A2 aircraft and its modifications (4 col profiles); The Starfighter story – the most crashed fighter in the world (F-104, 3 col profiles); At the battle fields of the Great Patriotic War. Fighting for the Russian North lands (4 col profiles); The military palette. The nicks on the club [48 pages, 41 photos, 11 drawings, 27 colored illustrations. The airplanes drawings: “Bregge” Br 19TF “Super Bidon”, XF-104, YF-104, F-104, for exercise flights F-104B, F-104C, F-104G, F-104S. The colored illustrations of the airplanes: Br 19, F-104, MBR-2, I-153, “Messershmitt” Bf 109E-3, “Henshel” Hs 126 (WNr 4262), IAR-80, “Makki” ?.202, “Redzhani” Re-2000, P47D]
29 5/2001
New Russian Designs at MAKS-2001: S-80 Aircraft, Sukhoi Su-38 Aircraft, Rocket Carriers “Angara-Baikal”, Kamov Ka-26 Helicopter; The Faces in Aviation: Antonio Arias, Test Pilot; Monographia: P-542 Potez French Bomber (3 col profiles); On the Fronts of the Great Patriotic War: Protecting Russia’s North; The Hot Spot: Combat Operations on the Ceylon Island (Sri Lanka) in 1981 (2 col profiles); On the Tracks of Flight Accidents: The Crash of a MiG-29 in Autumn 1998 in Zabajkalie; Military Colors: Aircraft Paintings – Korean War kill markings (5 col profiles) [48 pages, 40 photographs, 4 drawings, 27 illustrations. Line Drawings of Potez P.542 Aircraft. Color Profiles of the Following Planes: C-80, I-16, Potez P.542, USB, Bf-110 E-2, Hurricane, DeHavilland Dove of Sri-Lanka’s Air Force, Sri-Lanka’s “Cliff”, Mi-24 Helicopter, F-51D30 Mustang, F-80 C-10 Shooring Star, F-86 F-30 Sabre, F-86 F-1 Sabre, F-84 E-20 Thunderjet, MiG-15 bis, F-9 F-3 Panther, F-9 F-2 Panther]
30 6/2001
To the 60th Anniversary of German Defeat at Moscow; Luftwaffe Marine Units in Combat over Mediterranean in 1943; The Participation of biplane fighter I-5 in the Great Patriotic War (4 col profiles); Narration on a Pilot: Arthur Brown; The Index of Aviamaster Magazine for 2001; The Color Schemes of Military Aircraft – Vietnam War kill markings (3 col profiles) [48 pages, 45 photographs, 15 illustrations, 7 drawings. Line Drawings I-5]
31 1/2002
The actions of the Soviet fighters-bombers above the Barents Sea in 1944 (2 P-40 Kittyhawk col profiles); The Fairey Battle aircraft (3 col profiles); The “Invaders” hunted for the “Lions” – Congo air war (4 col profiles); The “aircraft-flight” piloted by Major Mayo (Short-Mayo composite); For the issue about the “disappearance” of the Soviet aviation in the first days of war [48 pages, 50 photos, 1 drawing, 2 schemes, 13 illustrations. The Fairey Battle Mk.I aircraft’ drawing. The schemes of the Fairey Battle Mk.I aircraft. The illustrations of the “Kittyhawk” R-40M, “Battle”, T-6G, B-26B, T-28D, “Troudjen”, B-26K aircraft]
32 2/2002
On the Fronts of the Great Patriotic War: The Aircraft of the 1st MTAP (2 DB-3 col profiles); Monograph: Fiat BR.20 Bomber (3 col profiles); Discussion: On Track of the Stalin’s Falcons; Unknown Pages: Curtiss P-40E at War Against Japan (4 col profiles); The Combat Palette: Aircraft Color Schemes [50 pages, 60 photographs, 8 drawings, 21 illustrations. Drawings of Fiat BR.20. Illustrations depicting the following aircraft: DB-3, Bf 109F, Fiat BR.20, Fiat BR.20M, “Kittyhawk I”, P-40E, P-40K, A6M2-N “Rufe”, F4U-5N Corsair, F86F-25 Saber, F86F-40 Saber, Sea Harrier FRS 1, Meteor FR.9, Mirage IIIC]
33 3/2002
The Battle in the Coral Sea – The First Carriers Struggle (7 col profiles); I-Z Airplane (5-view line drwg); Recoilless Aviation Guns of the 30s; Narration by S.A. Mikoyan on Its Frontline Service; Discussions; Games Portal [48 pages, 50 photographs, 16 illustrations, 4 diagrams. Line drawings of I-Z aircraft]
34 4/2002
From the history of the air wars: The fighter command of the Russia in the World War I – French aircraft in Russian service; Monograph: The Lockheed P-38 “Lightning” fighter (4 pages scale drwgs); The unknown pages: The air war in Nigeria, 1969-1970 (3 col profiles); The military palette [48 pages, 50 photos, 6 drawings, 16 illustrations]
35 5/2002
At the fronts of the Great Patriotic War: The bombs are for Constance (3 col profiles); Monograph: The “Walrus” amphibian airplane (3 col profiles); The not popular pages: The volunteers of the winter war; Exotics: “The wagtail” is the autogyro for the submarine; The last flying boat of “Martin” firm [48 pages, 40 photos, 5 drawings, 17 illustrations. The drawings: Walrus Mk.II, Seagull Mk.V. Illustrations: Pe-2, A-20V, P-39Q-1, Yak-9D, Me 109G, “Walrus”]
36 6/2002
The Caucuses Front: The Second Chechen War; Discussion: Returning to Stalin’s Falcons; From the History of Air War: “Katushkas” in Country X (3 SB bomber col profiles); Aviation in Personalities: A. Pavlichenko, Guards Colonel, The Master of Ground Attacks; Unknown Pages: Red Falcons Vs “Musketeers”; Military Colors: The Colours of Khalkhin-Gol; New Wings: MiG-AT: the Flight into the Future [50 pages, 70 photographs, color illustrations, a diagram]
37 7/2002
From the History of Air Wars: Operation “Watchtower”. America Strikes Back; On the Fronts of the Great Patriotic War: “Fire Rams” at Sea. Legends and Facts; Exotic: Mercenary Wings. Americans in Laos (2 col profiles); Unknown Pages: From Martin-156 to PS-30. The Story of Some Purchase (3 col profiles); Aviation in Faces: A “Communist” from Luftwaffe. Alfred Grislawski Fighter Pilot; Discussions: “Falcons” and Dilettantes; The Most Dangerous Enemy [48 pages, 50 photographs, color illustrations]
38 8/2002
Spanish civil war aircraft (4 col profiles); Aircraft G-10, G-20, G-23, G-25 (2 col profiles)
39 1/2003
Mitsubishi Ki-15 (5 col profiles); Moscow to Tokyo flight; Libyan Air force (4 col profiles)
40 2/2003
Indonesia 1945-48 (5 col profiles); Airspeed Horsa (scale drwgs); Soviet AF 1930s aircraft (4 col profiles)
41 3/2003
Balkan Wars 1912-13 (3 col profiles); JNAF seaplanes (3 col profiles); Indonesian AF 1950 (3 col profiles)
42 4/2003
Sikorsky Le Grand (3-view line drwg); SB2C Helldiver (6 col profiles); WW2 Belgian AF (6 col profiles)
43 5/2003
Polikarpov I-16 (3 col profiles); JNAF WW2 (4 col profiles); DB-3 crash
44 6/2003
WW2 Pacific war (4 col profiles) ; Afghan Air Force
45 7/2003
Yak-141 (1 page 5-view line drwg); Romanian Air Force WW2 (8 col profiles)
46 8/2003
Soviet DB-3 Boston mission (1 col profile); Spanish Civil War (8 col profiles)
47 1/2004
Battle of Stalingrad? (7 col profiles); Vultee V-1; Iran-Iraq War (6 col profiles)
48 2/2004
North Korean AF in Korean War (6 col profiles); Westland Lysander (8 col profiles)
49 3/2004
Tupolev ANT-9; WW2 Russian Front (13 col profiles)
50 4/2004
Hawker Hunter (detail sketches, 2 col profiles); WW2 Russian Front Winter Campaign (7 col profiles)
51 5/2004
Yugoslavian Air Force in break-up of Yugoslavia (11 col profiles); Air war in the Indonesian sky; Bristol-167 airliner; History if the Cuban Air Force; Effectiveness of Soviet and German WW2 aces; Color schemes of the Soviet WW2 fighters (10 col profiles)
52 6/2004
Yugolsavia Part 2 (8 col profiles); Sea Harrier & Etendard (2 col profiles)
53 7/2004
Bosnia & Macedonia (6 col profiles); Martin Maryland (3 col profiles, scale drwgs); Soviet WW2 fighters (5 col profiles)
54 8/2004
Tupolev TB-3; Martin Maryland (4 col profiles)
55 1/2005
No information
56 2/2005
No information
57 3/2005
No information
58 4/2005
No information
59 5/2005
No information
60 6/2005
No information
61 7/2005
No information
62 8/2005
No information
63 1/2006
No information
64 2/2006
No information
65 3/2006
No information
66 4/2006
No information
67 5/2006
No information
68 6/2006
No information
69 7/2006
No information
70 8/2006
No information

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