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Vol.1 No.1 January 1972
No information
Vol.1 No.2 February 1972
No information
Vol.1 No.3 March 1972
No information
Vol.1 No.4 April 1972
No information
Vol.1 No.5 May 1972
No information
Vol.1 No.6 June 1972
No information
Vol.1 No.7 July 1972
No information
Vol.1 No.8 August 1972
No information
Vol.1 No.9 September 1972
No information
Vol.1 No.10 October 1972
No information
Vol.1 No.11 November 1972
No information
Vol.1 No.12 December 1972
No information
Vol.2 No.1 January 1973
No information
Vol.2 No.2 February 1973
No information
Vol.2 No.3 March 1973
No information
Vol.2 No.4 April 1973
No information
Vol.2 No.5 May 1973
No information
Vol.2 No.6 June 1973
No information
Vol.2 No.7 July 1973
No information
Vol.2 No.8 August 1973
No information
Vol.2 No.9 September 1973
No information
Vol.2 No.10 October 1973
No information
Vol.2 No.11 November 1973
No information
Vol.2 No.12 December 1973
No information
Vol.3 No.1 January 1974
No information
Vol.3 No.2 February 1974
No information
Vol.3 No.3 March 1974
No information
Vol.3 No.4 April 1974
No information
Vol.3 No.5 May 1974
No information
Vol.3 No.6 June 1974
No information
Vol.3 No.7 July 1974
Aircraft Directory No.1 Airbus A300
Vol.3 No.8 August 1974
Aircraft Directory No.2 Harrier
Vol.3 No.9 September 1974
Aircraft Directory No.3 A-4
Vol.3 No.10 October 1974
Aircraft Directory No.4 F-15
Vol.3 No.11 November 1974
Aircraft Directory No.5 A-10
Vol.3 No.12 December 1974
Aircraft Directory No.6 P-3
Vol.4 No.1 January 1975
Aircraft Directory No.7 F-105
Vol.4 No.2 February 1975
Aircraft Directory No.8 F-5
Vol.4 No.3 March 1975
Aircraft Directory No.9 MU-2
Vol.4 No.4 April 1975
Aircraft Directory No.10 Boeing 727
Vol.4 No.5 May 1975
Aircraft Directory No.11 Boeing 727; Lockheed S-3A; Dassault Aviation
Vol.4 No.6 June 1975
Aircraft Directory Special F-14; airline 1: WW I Fighter
Vol.4 No.7 July 1975
Aircraft Directory No.12 B-52 part 1; airline 2: US Strategic Bomber
Vol.4 No.8 August 1975
Aircraft Directory No.12 B-52 part 2; airline 3: Thompson Trophy racer
No.21 September 1975
Aircraft Directory No.13 Boeing 737; airline 4: World War II night fighter
No.22 October 1975
Aircraft Directory No.14 MiG-21; airline 5: Cockpit: USAF Jet Fighter
No.23 November 1975
Aircraft Directory No.15 S-3; airline 6: US Navy fighter aircraft (1)
No.24 December 1975
Aircraft Directory No.16 C-5A; airline 7: US Navy fighter jets (2)
No.25 January 1976
Aircraft Directory No.17 PS-1; airline 8: US Navy fighter aircraft (3); JASDF Fuji T-1
No.30 February 1976
Aircraft Directory No.18 Concorde; airline 9: World War I bomber
No.31 March 1976
Aircraft Directory No.21(sic) A-6; airline 10: TWA Story
No.32 April 1976
Aircraft Directory No.22 F-15; airline 11: Mark list of Self-Defense Forces aircraft unit
No.33 May 1976
Aircraft Directory No.23 C-130; airline 12: Flying boat in the world
No.34 June 1976
Aircraft Directory No.24 Nimrod; airline 13: Transatlantic record machines
No.35 July 1976
Aircraft Directory No.25 Nihon University ?; airline 14: ?
No.36 August 1976
Aircraft Directory No.26 Sea Stallion; airline 15: WW II flying clothing
No.37 September 1976
Aircraft Directory No.27 Alava; No.27 ?; airline 16: plane families
No.38 October 1976
Aircraft Directory No.28 Tornado; airline 17: Mikoyan fighter MiG-17 etc; The Bicentennial Eagle; Bicentennial Colors
No.39 November 1976
Aircraft Directory Special International Aerospace Show; airline 18: Battle of Midway part I
No.40 December 1976
Aircraft Directory No.29 BAC 111; airline 19: Battle of Midway part II; MiG-25; Reno ’76 Farnborough ’76
No.41 January 1977
Aircraft Directory No.30 HAL Marut/Kiran; airline 20: Long-range plane
No.43 February 1977
Aircraft Directory No.31 List of civil aircraft registered in Japan; airline 21: The history of Western Airlines; Tornado; Concorde Report
No.46 March 1977
Aircraft Directory No.32 DC-9; airline 22: Manned space flight
No.47 April 1977
Aircraft Directory No.33 Soviet Bombers; airline 23: World speed record
No.48 May 1977
Aircraft Directory No.34 Viggen; airline 24: 50-year history of the Swedish Air Force
No.49 June 1977
Aircraft Directory No.35 MiG-23; airline 25: 25 year after World War II history of domestic aircaft
No.50 July 1977
Aircraft Directory No.36 Boeing 707/720; airline 26: 1957: The airline industry 20 years ago
No.51 August 1977
Aircraft Directory No.37 Mirage F1; airline 27: Now glider
No.52 September 1977
Aircraft Directory No.38 Paris Air Show ’77; airline 28: ? of the sky; F-1
Vol.6 No.10 No.54 October 1977
Aircraft Directory No.39 Traister; airline 29: ? of the sky (2); MiG-29; L-1011; MiG-25
Vol.6 No.11 No.55 November 1977
Aircraft Directory No.40 Cessna Citation; airline 30: Wang downed World War I; P-3C
Vol.6 No.12 December 1977
Aircraft Directory Special Air Race; airline 31: Ground attack aircraft 1911-1945
No.57 January 1978
Aircraft Directory No.42 A-7; USS Forrestal CV-59 at sea; Chinese Air Force; airline 32: Ground attack aircraft part 2; AJ Color File No.3 N1K2-J foldout colour profile
No.58 February 1978
US Naval bases on West Coast; Aircraft Directory No.43 VFW F-28 Fellowship; Rockwell B-1; Space Shuttle; Twin Mustang; airline 33: World War II emblem of the USAAF
No.? March 1978
Snowbirds Canadian display team; Airliners 78; Aircraft Directory No.44 F-104; airline 34: MacRobertson Race
No.? April 1978
P-2J; B-1; Aircraft Directory No.45 Grumman E-2 Hawkeye; Mitsubishi F-1; A-10A; airline 35: Space probe
No.? No.61 May 1978
USS Kittyhawk – F-14, A-6 etc; RAF ’78; VTOL-STOL; F-86; Aircraft Directory No.46 British Air Force Fighter Jets; airline 36: US VTOL/STOL research aircraft V/VZ series
No.? No.63 June 1978
Aircraft Directory No.47 Ilyushin Il-86 and Il-82; SH-3 Sea King; US F-4; F-5E; Concorde; Tu-144; airline 37: 18 TFW Story; Tactical Air Command
No.? No.65 July 1978
Aircraft Directory No.48 F-111 and F-111B; USN and USMC aircraft; airline 38: Blue Angels
No.? August 1978
New Tokyo airport; Su-15; Flying Boats; Aircraft Directory No.49 Soviet air defense fighter aircraft; airline 39: Howard Hughes plane
No.? No.68 September 1978
Bitburg F-15; F-106; P-26; Air Defence Command aircraft; Canadian Reds; Ki-61; Aircraft Directory No.50 The new wave of Biz Jet; airline 40: ADCOM (Aerospace Defense Corps)
No.70 October 1978
Harrier; Wings of Swedish Air Force; F-105; Aircraft Directory No.51 OV-10; airline 41: Swordfish fight; A300
No.71 November 1978
airline 42: The President’s Wings – US Presidential aircraft; MU-300; Motorised Hang-Gliders; Blue Angels; A6M Zero; Aircraft Directory No.52 AAM
No.72 December 1978
S-3 Viking; F-18 Hornet; airline 43: American Chassy Gals in WW II
No.73 January 1979
F-101; F-110; TA-4J; Aircraft Directory No.53 ?; airline 44: We dream fighter
No.74 February 1979
Airliners: L-1011; Boeing 747; SR81; All Nippon Airways; Aircraft Directory No.54 ?; airline 45: Betting on a plane and film life
No.? March 1979
Replica Gee Bee’s; Aircraft Directory No.55 C-1 part 1; airline 46: Marking the Air Force’s operational unit
No.? April 1979
Early Jets; P-2J; JSDF; Mitsubishi F-1; Aircraft Directory No.56 C-1 part 2; airline 47: American female aviator Retsuden
No.? May 1979
Aircraft Directory No.57 C-1 part 3; Airline 48: Scenes from the novel Airlines
No.? June 1979
MiG-27; Sonic Acrojets; Homestead AFB; Ki-61; Aircraft Directory No.58 Tu-154/Tu-144; airline 49: The heroic era of uncertainty
No.? July 1979
Aircraft Directory No.59 A-5 part 1; airline 50: Marking the A-5 unit
No.? August 1979
Red Baron; Austrian AF; P-51C; Aircraft Directory No.60 A-5 part 2; airline 51: History of the United States transcontinental flight record
No.? September 1979
Le Bourget ’79; IAT’79; Soviet Carrier Minsk; Aircraft Directory Special Mirage 2000/4000; airline 52: Argentina’s aircraft
No.? October 1979
F-15 in Okinawa; Tiger Meet 1979; F-4EJ; Marlboro Aerobatic Team; Jean Salis collection; pull out colour illustration of Laird Turner Ltr-14; Chinese AF; Aircraft Directory No.61 AH-1; airline 53: Space Station [162 pages]
No.? November 1979
Red Arrows Hawk colour photos; Red Baron record; JASDF F-104; HH-1 Zipper photos; Oshkosh 79 photos; pull out colour illustration DHC Dash-7; Aircraft Directory No.62 Airbus A300; airline 54: The history of the Israeli Air Force 1 [162 pgs]
No.? December 1979
F-15; Reno; DC-3; Zero; Snowbirds; airline 55: The history of the Israeli Air Force 2 [176 pgs]
No.88 January 1980
Snowbirds; Blue Impulse; airline 56: Chronicle RB-51 “Red Baron”
No.89 February 1980
F-16; International Airshow Japan; F-18; airline 57: French ace of World War II
No.91 March 1980
F-100; Hornet on USS America; A-10; Kawasaki C-1; Swiss AF; Dash-7; Aircraft Directory No.63 Bell Helicopter; airline 58: The history of George Air Force Base
No.92 April 1980
Wings of JSDF; Trislanders; Aircraft Directory No.64 F-86 part 1; F-15; airline 59: Sabre la carte
No.93 May 1980
F-15C Eagle; Greek Air Force; Aircraft Directory No.65 F-86 Sabre part 2; Airliners in England; WW2 Warbirds; airline 60: First India-Pakistan War
No.95 June 1980
F-16; Sea Harriers on HMS Hermes; Aircraft Directory No.66 Boeing 747; Turkish AF; airline 61: Jet air racers of the world
No.96 July 1980
Blue Angels in colour; USMC OV-10A; Aircraft Directory No.67 F-100 Super Sabre; Boeing 707 liveries; airline 62: The outcome of NW 707
No.? August 1980
B-52D; USMC in the sky; Aircraft Directory No.68 DC-8; airline 63: Mirage’s lineage
No.? September 1980
Red Arrows; Moscow Sheremetevo 2; YS-11 production list; Aircraft Directory No.69 YS-11 part 1; airline 64: The history of aviation in Illinois
No.? October 1980
F-15; Acroduster II; Tu-22M; Aircraft Directory No.70 YS-11 part 2; airline 65: Genealogy of Tupolev bombers
No.101 November 1980
FB-111; Dayton Air Fair; Oshkosh ’80; Aircraft Directory No.71 YS-11 part 3; airline 66: Delta Air Lines Story; AFTI F-16
No.? December 1980
Aircraft Directory No.72 F-18; TAM ’80; airline 67: Ace of the Battle of World War II
Vol.10 No.1 January 1981
CF-104; Aircraft Directory No.73 Tornado F.2; airline 68: British air force squadron
Vol.10 No.2 February 1981
F-4; F-104; B-1; Howard Hughes H-4; Aircraft Directory No.74 BAe 146
Vol.10 No.3 March 1981
F-4S; USMC at Fuji Range; airline 69: SAAB’s aircraft 1937-1980
Vol.10 No.4 April 1981
Japanese Aviation; F-4EJ
Vol.10 No.5 May 1981
Helicopter Combat Rescue; airline 70: Personal markings of the F-105
Vol.10 No.6 No.111 June 1981
A-10; F-15J; R NethAF; NASA Space Shuttle feature
Vol.10 No.7 July 1981
F-18 Hornet; RSwedAF; airline 71: The history of Eastern Airlines
Vol.10 No.8 August 1981
No information
Vol.10 No.9 September 1981
airline 72: Racers and the glory of doom
Vol.10 No.10 October 1981
No information
Vol.10 No.11 November 1981
airline 73: Japan’s resumption of the sky at the time
Vol.10 No.12 December 1981
No information
Vol.11 No.1 January 1982
airline 74: Empire flying boat
Vol.11 No.2 February 1982
No information
Vol.11 No.3 March 1982
airline 75: And the life of the plane Saint Exupery; F-18 Hornet
Vol.11 No.4 April 1982
No information
Vol.11 No.5 May 1982
airline 76: History of the ejection seat
Vol.11 No.6 June 1982
No information
Vol.11 No.7 July 1982
airline 77: Genealogy of supersonic aircraft research
Vol.11 No.8 No.128 August 1982
Blue Impulse with Mitsubishi T-2; Robinson R-22
Vol.11 No.9 September 1982
airline 78: The glory of Greenameyer Aircraft; F-16XL; A310; KC-130 aerial refuelling; Tornado colour
Vol.11 No.10 No.130 October 1982
No information
Vol.11 No.11 No.132 November 1982
airline 79: Patrouille de France; F-5G; CF-101B ‘Hawks’; CF-18 Hornet
Vol.11 No.12 December 1982
Tu-26; F-16; Farnborough 1982
Vol.12 No.1 No.135 January 1983
The evolution of the helicopter; BAe 146; Super 80 World Tour; Soviet strategic balance
Vol.12 No.2 February 1983
airline 80: Flying Wing – it’s history
Vol.12 No.3 March 1983
No information
Vol.12 No.4 April 1983
ASDF ’83; F-4EJ/RF-4E; Thunderbirds news; Switzerland F-5E
Vol.12 No.5 May 1983
airline 81: History of the “Red Rippers”; E-2C Hawkeye; A-10 in Alaska; Super 80; A310 and B767 dogfight
Vol.12 No.6 No.141 June 1983
Super 80 part 2; A310-300; DAC is back; Snowbirds; T-2 CCV; Soviet military power
Vol.12 No.7 July 1983
No information
Vol.12 No.8 No.143 August 1983
airline 82: ?; Paris Air show
Vol.12 No.9 September 1983
Skyfox T-33; Airbus A320; STS-7 & spacewoman
Vol.12 No.10 October 1983
airline 83: Swiss Air
Vol.12 No.11 November 1983
No information
Vol.12 No.12 December 1983
No information
Vol.13 No.1 January 1984
Douglas D-558-2 Skyrocket; Reno Air Race ’83; Alaska Eagle F-15
Vol.13 No.2 February 1984
Okinawa Eagle; Douglas X-3
Vol.13 No.3 March 1984
No information
Vol.13 No.4 April 1984
ASDF ’84; JADF Fighters
Vol.13 No.5 May 1984
32nd TFS Bitburg Eagles; Spruce Goose dome; Cope North 84-2; Bell X-2
Vol.13 No.6 June 1984
Netherlands AF; YXX to take-off?; A320; F-18 Hornet feature
Vol.13 No.7 July 1984
10th anniv issue; North American X-15
Vol.13 No.8 August 1984
Finnish AF; North American X-15 (2); Russian VTOL
Vol.13 No.9 September 1984
No information
Vol.13 No.10 October 1984
Saab 37 Viggen; P-3 AEWC; S0.9000 Trident I
Vol.13 No.11 November 1984
CVN-65 Enterprise; Iran-Iraq War
Vol.13 No.12 December 1984
Farnborugh Air show; American SST; Reno Air Race 1984
Vol.13 No.1 January 1985
No information
Vol.13 No.2 February 1985
No information
Vol.13 No.3 March 1985
No information
Vol.13 No.4 April 1985
No information
Vol.13 No.5 May 1985
No information
Vol.13 No.6 June 1985
No information
Vol.13 No.7 July 1985
No information
Vol.13 No.8 August 1985
No information
Vol.13 No.9 September 1985
No information
Vol.13 No.10 October 1985
AJ Aircraft Survey: Grumman F-14 Tomcat
Vol.13 No.11 November 1985
AJ Aircraft Survey: McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle
Vol.13 No.12 December 1985
AJ Aircraft Survey: BAe/McDonnell Douglas Harrier/Harrier II
Vol.13 No.1 January 1986
AJ Aircraft Survey: Rockwell B-1
Vol.13 No.2 February 1986
AJ Aircraft Survey: McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II
Vol.13 No.3 March 1986
AJ Aircraft Survey: McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II; Super Fighter Series No.5 F/A-18
Vol.13 No.4 April 1986
AJ Aircraft Survey: Self-Defense Force aircraft
Vol.13 No.5 May 1986
AJ Aircraft Survey: General Dynamics F-111
Vol.13 No.6 June 1986
AJ Aircraft Survey: Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II
Vol.13 No.7 July 1986
AJ Aircraft Survey: Bell AH-1 Hueycobra
Vol.13 No.8 August 1986
AJ Aircraft Survey: General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon
Vol.13 No.9 September 1986
AJ Aircraft Survey: Mikoyan MiG-29 Fulcrum
Vol.13 No.10 October 1986
AJ Aircraft Survey: Mitsubishi F-1
Vol.13 No.11 November 1986
AJ Aircraft Survey: Dassault Mirage 2000
Vol.13 No.12 December 1986
AJ Aircraft Survey: EAP Eurofighter
Vol.13 No.1 January 1987
IAI Lavi; AJ Aircraft Survey No.15: Vought A-7 Corsair II; ATF; Keen Edge 87-1
Vol.13 No.2 No.199 February 1987
AJ Aircraft Survey No.16: Bell V-22 Osprey; ATF YF-22 & YF-23; F-18; A320
Vol.13 No.3 No.201 March 1987
AJ Aircraft Survey: BAe Buccaneer; T-4; Time Capsule 1986
Vol.13 No.4 No.202 April 1987
Air Self-Defense Forces ’87; AJ Aircraft Survey No.18: Kawasaki C-1; MD-11
Vol.13 No.5 No.203 May 1987
AJ Aircraft Survey No.18: Convair F-106 Delta Dart; MiG-29
Vol.13 No.6 No.205 June 1987
AJ Aircraft Survey No.20: Douglas A-4 Skyhawk; Elegant Adversary U-36A
Vol.13 No.7 July 1987
Vol.13 No.8 No.207 August 1987
AJ Aircraft Survey: Boeing B-52 Superfortress; Cope North; X-30
Vol.13 No.9 September 1987
AJ Aircraft Survey: Air-to-air missile (AAM)
Vol.13 No.10 No.209 October 1987
AJ Aircraft Survey: Hughes AH-64 Apache
Vol.13 No.11 No.211 November 1987
AJ Aircraft Survey: McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet; XSH-60J
Vol.13 No.12 No.212 December 1987
AJ Aircraft Survey: Lockheed S-3 Viking; FSX; Su-27
Vol.13 No.1 January 1988
AJ Aircraft Survey: SEPECAT Jaguar
Vol.13 No.2 February 1988
AJ Aircraft Survey: Mikoyan MiG-27 Flogger
Vol.13 No.3 March 1988
AJ Aircraft Survey: Panavia Tornado
Vol.13 No.4 April 1988
AJ Aircraft Survey: Kawaski T-4
Vol.13 No.5 May 1988
AJ Aircraft Survey: Boeing CH-47 Chinook
Vol.13 No.6 June 1988
AJ Aircraft Survey: AMX
Vol.13 No.7 July 1988
AJ Aircraft Survey: BAe Lightning
Vol.13 No.8 August 1988
No information
Vol.13 No.9 September 1988
No information
Vol.13 No.10 October 1988
No information
Vol.13 No.11 November 1988
No information
Vol.13 No.12 December 1988
No information

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