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No.1 April 1998
He 219 Uhu main feature, complete with extensive research photos taken by Tamiya of the only existing example of the plane; mini “Aero Detail” on Bf 109G-6 Black 6 with 40 full-colour detail shots of the only all-German WWII fighter in the world (taken before her landing mishap!) [120 pages]
No.2 June 1998
English Electric Lightning main feature, featuring the new Airfix kit, complete with marking illustrations and some photos of the real thing; mini “Aero Detail” on the F4F Wildcat [120 pages]
No.3 August 1998
Mitsubishi A6M Zero main feature [120 pages]
No.4 October 1998
Russian warplanes of WWII (main feature) [120 pages]
No.5 December 1998
Korean War fighters main feature; building the Hasegawa 1/48 Mitsubishi Type 0 Mod.22 (A6M Zero) [120 pages]
No.6 February 1999
Mitsubishi J2M Raiden (Jack) main feature [120 pages]
No.7 March 1999
Messerschmitt Bf 109 main feature; Fine Molds’ new Savoia S.21 [120 pages]
No.8 June 1999
German jet aircraft (main feature), including the Me 262, He 162, and Ar 234; Special mini Aero Detail article covers the world’s only surviving two-seat Me 262, the B-model in South Africa, with extensive internal and external colour photos; R/C jet engines; new air books review [120 pages]
No.9 September 1999
Nakajima Type 4 Hayate main feature; Messerschmitt Bf 109F [120 pages]
No.10 November 1999
Modelling the F-4 Phantom (main feature); mini Aero Detail on the Fairey Swordfish, with dozens of detail photos of the actual plane; Savoia variations contest results
No.11 January 2000/1
IJN Aircraft at Pearl Harbor (main feature), including the Zero, Val and Kate; Photo feature on the Fairey Swordfish; building and painting of the Hasegawa 1/32 scale Fw 190 Dora-9 kit accompanied by a very detailed commentary on late-war Luftwaffe colours [120 pages]
No.12 March 2000/3
Torpedo bombers (main feature) – Tamiya Fairey Swordfish with numerous beautiful built-up examples and tips for putting this difficult kit together; mini “Aero Detail” on the Dornier Do 335
No.13 May 2000/5
JSDF F-15J Eagle (main feature)
No.14 July 2000/7
How to Build Air Diorama (main feature); A6M2 Type 0 Carrier Fighter;
No.15 Sept 2000/9
Do You Like Big Model? (main feature); North American F-100D Super Sabre; Bf 109E-4; Chinese Volunteer MiG-17F Fighter Jet review; R/C Savoia S.21 F
No.16 Nov 2000/11
Aquatic Sword (main feature) A6M floatplane
No.17 Jan 2001/1
Age of Aces! (main feature): WWI French Nieuport 17, WWI German Aviatik Berg D.I, WWI German Fokker D.II; Ju 188B; Type 96 Attack Bomber Mitsubishi G3M
No.18 March 2001/3
IJN Aircraft at Pearl Harbor (main feature); Buildup article on the Hasegawa VF-1A from “Macross”
No.19 May 2001/5
Focke Wulf Fw 190 on the Eastern Front (main feature)
No.20 July 2001/7
Future of air combat (main feature): Dassault Rafale, Eurofighter, F-22J Raptor, Sukhoi Su-33 Flanker and other new or proposed programs
No.21 September 2001/9
Nachtjagd – The Night Fighter of Third Reich (main feature), including the Me 262, Bf 110G-4, Ju 88G-6 and G-6c, Ho 229B, He 219A and Ta 154
No.22 Nov 2001/11
Main fighters of the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy (main feature) [112 pages]
No.23 Jan 2002/1
Zerstorer at war (main feature) Me 410 etc
No.24 March 2002/3
Unlimited Maces (main feature) Reno air racers
No.25 May 2002/5
Augsburg Eagle Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6 (main feature)
No.26 July 2002/7
Eagle vs Condor – Falklands Air War (main feature) Sea Harrier, Super Etendard, Vulcan
No.27 Sept 2002/9
Ki 61 Tony (main feature)
No.28 Nov 2002/11
Tank Busters! – tank-busting aircraft (main feature)
No.29 Jan 2003/1
Blitz fighters and bombers of WWII (main feature): Ar 234 and Me 262 [112 pages]
No.30 March 2003/3
No information
No.31 May 2003/5
Painting and finishing (main feature)
No.32 July 2003/7
Aerial battle of Burma in WWII (main feature) such as Hayabusa (Oscar).
No.33 September 2003/9
Carrier fighter (main feature) Reppu (SAM), F-14 Tomcat
No.34 November 2003/11
Basic Modelling Technique (main feature)
No.35 January 2004/1
100 years of flight, Fly High Fly Fast: Wright Flyer (main feature)
No.36 March 2004/3
Main feature: Favorite kits of the editorial staff (mainly WWI and WWII kits)
No.37 May 2004/5
World War II dive-bombers (main feature) Aichi Val
No.38 June 2004/7
Includes free 1/144 A6M2b Zero Fighter kit
No.39 September 2004/9
Messerschmitt Bf 109V14 and Bf 109G-6 (main feature).
No.40 November 2004/11
How to build 1/72 scale models (main feature)
No.41 January 2005/1
Main feature on modelling the Ki-44 Shoki (“Tojo”) – Lots of in-progress photos and tips make this a good reference for anyone looking to build a better Ki-44; Roden’s 1/48 Fokker D.VII; Williams Brothers Caudron C450; short photo article on 2004 Reno racers.
No.42 March 2005/3
Westland Wyvern S.4; P-40 Kittyhawk; SF Wings: the original Battlestar Galactica
No.43 May 2005/5
Aircraft engines (main feature) with cutaway Me 262, uncowled Bf 109F
No.44 July 2005/7
Ground attack aircraft (main feature) with Hasegawa and Academy Typhoons, Tamiya 1/72 P-47 and Tamiya 1/48 P-51B; photo essays on aircraft engines and on the Su-27K Naval Flanker.
No.45 September 2005/9
with free Focke Wulf Fw 190D-13 kit; B-17
No.46 November 2005/11
P-51D diorama; English Electric Lightning; SF Wings: Star Wars snow speeder
No.47 January 2006/1
Tamiya A-1 Skyraider and Buffalo; Trumpeter’s 1/144 Val; scratchbuilt Voisin 3; detailed photo coverage of the JASDF UH-60J Rescue Hawk; F-4G Phantom; SF Wings: B-Wing Starfighter
No.48 March 2006/3
“Women and aircraft” (main feature), with articles on models with colorful nose art such as a 1/48 B-24J done up as “Cocktail Hour” and “The Dragon and his tail” (each side of the model is different, the P-61 “Lady in the Dark”, a Spitfire diorama with female crew standing by and others; also coverage of the JMC awards and Fine Molds’ Millennium Falcon.
No.49 May 2006/5
Big kits (main feature): Academy 1/32 F/A-18 vs. Trumpeter’s 1/32 MiG-29 Fulcrum, Trumpeter’s F4U-4, Hind and Tu-95 Bear and Hasegawa’s Ki-84; SF Wings: Y-Wing fighter
No.50 July 2006/7
Conversion of the Trumpeter 1/48 Fw 200C into a pre-war airliner in Danish Air Lines livery; making detailed landing gear; several dioramas such as a Me 110G being prepared for a winter flight; Ta 152 with all-new detailed drawings of the fuselage and wing stations and rare pictures of derelict Ta 152E (!) at Erfurt in mid-1945; Messerschmitt Bf 109G-10 & K-4 diorama
No.51 September 2006/9
“Flying cannons” (main feature) such as the Ju 87G Stuka Kanonenvogel, Ju 88P-1 Tank Buster, and A-10 Thunderbolt II; F/A-18F Super Hornet
No.52 November 2006/11
“Futurism” (main feature) with subjects such as the Arado E555, Heinkel He 280 V3, J7W1 Shinden, R2Y1 Keiun, and more; SF Wings: speeder bike; Ju 88 night fighter
No.53 January 2007/1
White Good, Black Bad (main feature) F4U Corsair night fighter, A6M Zero; Modelling the Ilya Muromets, Ju 88G, Zero, and Toryu, among others, plus line drawings of the Ta 152C; a very nice injection plastic figure kit of a standing IJN fighter pilot in 1/48 scale is included
No.54 March 2007/3
Anti-shipping aircraft (main feature) such as the B5N, Beaufighter, Condor, and JASDF F-2; more in the continuing saga of Masaharu Nakata’s incredible 1/32 Ta 152H-1 conversion/scratchbuild; Ju 88 night fighter; SF Wings: Imperial shuttle
No.55 May 2007/5
“Desert schemes” (main feature) with coverage of a desert Spitfire Vb, Macchi C.202 Folgore, JASDF C-130H, and Desert Storm A-7s; continuing build of Masaharu Nakata’s outstanding scratchbuilt 1/32 Ta 152H; an incredible 1/32 Hayate built by 19-year-old Tsuyoshi Nomura, who has mastered the art of realistic riveting and stressed-skin simulation; 1/48 Wellington with full (scratchbuilt and illuminated!) interior: SF Wings: Millenium Falcon
No.56 July 2007/7
Reconnaissance aircraft (main feature) such as the F-5 (P-38 variant), SR-71, Ar 234, and Ki-51; latest kit releases such as Hasegawa’s Ki-61; Junkers Ju 88C-6; Ansaldo SVA.4; F-16CJ
No.57 September 2007/9
Brush-painting models main feature, something still quite popular in Japan; SF Wings: Star Wars Y-wing fighter
No.58 Nov 2007/11
Figure sculpting and painting main feature; details of the high-altitude Bf 109s; another installment of Masaharu Nakata’s inspiring 1/32-scale Ta 152H-1 build-in-progress; Avro Lancaster; SF WIngs: Star Wars X-Wing fighter; Westland Lysander; Bf 110
No.59 Jan 2008/1
Nightfighters main feature, with builds of a Hasegawa 1/72 Ju 88C, two 1/32 Me 262Bs, Tamiya’s 1/48 Gekko, Hasegawa’s new 1/48 Toryu; another installment of Masaharu Nakata’s 1/32 scratchbuilt Ta 152H odyssey; SF Wings: Star wars AT-AT; Japanese bomber diorama
No.60 March 2008/3
Natural metal finish models (main feature), featuring Revell’s 1/32 P-38, Trumpeter’s 1/48 Sukhoi Su-15, Monogram’s 1/48 B-58, and many other models; still more of Masaharu Nakata’s stunning 1/32 Ta 152H scratchbuild; SF Wings: Star Wars X-Wing fighter; B-24D Liberator
No.61 May 2008/5
F-14 Tomcat main feature, featuring builds of various 1/48 and 1/72 F-14 kits; Iranian F-14 Tomcat; still more of Masaharu Nakata’s stunning 1/32 Ta 152H scratchbuild; SAAB J35F Draken
No.62 July 2008/7
Finnish aircraft of the Russo-Finnish war (main feature), including the Brewster B-239 Buffalo, Fokker D.XXI, MS406C.1, DC-2, and Bf 109G; Jaguar GR Mk.1A; Berlin Airlift C-47
No.63 Sept 2008/9
“Defence of the Empire 1945” main feature : 1/48 Hayate diorama; the Revell 1/32 Mitsubishi J2M3 Raiden, Hasegawa’s 1/48 Ki-44-II, Tamiya’s new 1/48 A6M5 Zero 52, RS Models’ 1/72 Ki-94-II, AvUsk’s B-32; William Brothers 1/32 Seversky P-35 to Asahi 2-seater J-BAAN conversion; then & now photos of famous Japanese air bases; P-40Q racer from the Pegasus kit; Italeri A-26C Invader; Monogram B-29; SMER 1/48 Macchi MC.72
No.64 November 2008/11
Launched from the Carrier! (main feature) Royal Navy Sea Vixen, Buccaneer S.2 & Phantom FG.1
No.65 January 2009
No information
No.66 March 2009
No information
No.67 May 2009
No information
No.68 July 2009
No information
No.69 September 2009
No information
No.70 November 2009
No information
No.71 January 2010
No information
No.72 March 2010
No information
No.73 May 2010
No information
No.74 July 2010
No information
No.75 November 2010
No information

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