V.E.G – Vertically Elevated Generation – Contents Listing

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No.1 ? 2005
Not a magazine – but HUGE A1 foldout page of SAAF fighters & SA Armour.
No.2 ? 2005
Meko200 Corvettes; Centurion Mk III; SAAB JAS 39 Gripen in SAAF Service; Airbus A300B in South African Service; History of South African Aviation: Balloons
No.3 ? 2005
South Africa in the Second World War; Weaponry of the Air Force in 1939; Centurion Mk 5; History of South African Aviation: From Glider to Voisin; Mirage IIIEZ; Boeing 727 in South African Service
No.4 ? 2005
Armament of the Meko 200; SA Vehicles in Iraq; SA Armour in 1939; Mirage F1CZ; 1 Time Airline History; Boeing 737 in South Africa; History of Aviation in South Africa: Boxkite.
No.5 ? 2006
The tale of the AK-47; President Class Frigates; Elephant MK 1; Battle of Blaauwberg; Natal Railways; AT6 Harvard in SAAF Service; De Haviland Canada Dash 8-300 in South Africa; Armament of SA Ground Forces in 1939; Foster-Daimler; Anglo-Boer War the Jameson Raid; History of Aviation in South Africa: Paterson Biplane.
No.6 ? 2006
State Artillery during 1899 Anglo-Boer war; Bossieman hunter; Boeing 747SP; Legendary horses of the Birkenhead; Oliphant Mk I; Ton Class Coastal Minesweepers; SAAF’s new Agusta A109 LUH; Natal Railways; South African Infantry training 1939-1940; Battle of Blaauwberg; Russian front; MiG & the Mirage A.
No.7 ? 2006
Type 15 anti-submarine frigate; History of aviation in South Africa; Oliphant Mk I & MkI ARV; Policing duties from the SWAP in South West Africa; Anglo-Boer War ZAR artillery; Lockheed C-130 Hercules; Ramjet engine; Traction engines during the Anglo-Boer War; SA Navy in 1939; Natal Railways; Gecko 8×8.
No.8 ? 2006
Interlink Airlines; Daphne Class Submarines; Oliphant Mk IB & MkII; Cheetah C; project “Hooefyster” (Afrikaans)

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