Arab Defence Journal / Al Difa Al Arabi

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Availability: Subscription           Issues per Year: 12
ISSN: 0884-139X           Barcode: None
First Year: 1976           Last Year: current

Publisher: Dar Assyad S.A.L.
Country: Lebanon         Language: Arabic

Main Genre: Defence
Exclusively Aviation?: No

Status: Current

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Entitled ‘Al-Difa al-Arabi’ in Arabic. Launched in 1976, the ‘Arab Defence Journal’ covers defence issues throughout the entire Arab speaking region, and offers an independent source of information on all military questions. Each month, the magazine reports on news and current affairs from the Middle East and around the world, along with features on aerospace, naval and land systems. It also publishes articles on electronics, computers & communication equipment, as well as police and public security issues, with the latest strategic analysis. The magazine is published monthly by subscription only.

Further information: Dar Assayad S.A.L, P.O.Box: 1038, Hazmieh-Beirut, Lebanon. Tel: 961 5 450933 – 457260/1/2
Fax: 961 5 452700 – 457260. Email:, website: Arab Defence Journal

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