Krylia Rodiny

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Availability: News-stand           Issues per Year: 12
ISSN: 0130-2701           Barcode:
First Year: 1960           Last Year: current

Publisher: Rossiiskaia oboronnaia sportivno-tekhnicheskaia organizatsiia
Country: Russia         Language: Russian

Main Genre: general
Exclusively Aviation?: Yes

Status: Current

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Title means Wings of the Homeland. Monthly publication with 32-48 pages in each issue, 20 b+w and colour photos, line drawings, camouflage and markings. It covers a wide range of aviation related topics in Russia and abroad, including articles on the history of aviation as well as data on the latest designs, aircraft production and astronautics. Founded in October 1960, it is the oldest Russian magazine dedicated to historical and modern aviation. Before 1991, it was a popular Soviet-era DOSAAF (Voluntary Society for the Promotion of the Army, Aviation, and Navy) aviation magazine. From 1992, a popular aviation and space exploration magazine.

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