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Availability: News-stand           Issues per Year: 12
ISSN: xxxx-xxxx           Barcode:
First Year: ?           Last Year: current

Publisher: Dart s.r.o.
Country: Czech Republic         Language: Czech

Main Genre: modelling
Exclusively Aviation?: No

Status: Current

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‘Model Hobby’ magazine is the monthly modeller´s magazine for flying, floating and riding models. It is a colourful magazine about model news. There are articles and instructions for beginners and for advanced model makers, kits and new products tests, reportage from modeller´s world. There is a monograph and design of a real airplane for model building in each issue. Every month is published the calendar of choise modeller´s actions and every three months is published the list of all modeller´s shops in the Czech Republic. A4 size with colour photos, colour profile drawings and line drawings.

Further information: Website: Model Hobby

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