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Availability: Free           Issues per Year: 6
ISSN: None           Barcode: None
First Year: 1916           Last Year: 1939

Publisher: Escuela Militar de Aviacion
Country: Mexico         Language: Spanish

Main Genre: Specific Operator
Exclusively Aviation?: Yes

Status: Ceased

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‘Tohtli’ was the principal aviation magazine of the Mexican Air Force in the inter-war years. First published in 1916, it was initially subtitled ‘Organo de la Escuela Nacional de Aviación’, but this was changed to ‘Revista de Aeronáutica Militar’ in 1917. Publication was suspended between August 1919 and July 1920.

The magazine was issued monthly until October 1924, when it appears to have gone bi-monthly. The last issue was November-December 1939. Tohtli means ‘bird’ in the language of the Aztecs.

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