V.E.G – Vertically Elevated Generation

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Key Facts

Availability: News-stand
Issues / Year: 6
ISSN: 1815-2480
Barcode: 9-771815-248002
First Year: 2005
Last Year: 2006
Publisher: Victor Logistics
Country: South Africa
Language: English/Afrikaans
Main Genre: Reference
Aviation Only? No
Current Status: Ceased

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‘V.E.G – Vertically Elevated Generation’ was a general magazine covering a wide range of military and technical subjects. Available in English and Afrikaans (as ‘V.E.G – Vertikale Elevasie Generasie’) editions, it was regarded as one of the best reference magazines available.

The feature articles covered many South African-related topics, from Armour, to SAAF, SADF, civil planes, Boer War, Uniforms, railway locomotives, the Navy and many more subjects. The illustrations were top notch, with detailed pictures, large colour drawings and scale illustrations. There were about 60 pages in each issue, with full colour illustrations on nearly every page. Unfortunately, only 8 issues were produced in total.

Publishing History

First issue on sale early 2005. Published bi-monthly until issue no.8 (2006).
The editor was ?

Contents/Issues Produced

[*] Contents Listing, No.1 – No.8

Digital Access

No digital versions of this magazine appear to be available.

Special Issues

No special issues were produced.

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