Vestnik Aviatsiyi i Kosmonavtiki / Вестник Авиации и Космонавтики

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Key Facts

Availability: Subscription
Issues / Year: 6
ISSN: 0014-4105
Barcode: None
First Year: 1997
Last Year: 2014
Publisher: Redaktsiia zhurnala "Vestnik aviatsii i kosmonavtiki"
Country: Russia
Language: Russian
Main Genre: Specific Country
Aviation Only? Yes
Current Status: Ceased

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The title of ‘Vestnik Aviatsiyi i Kosmonavtiki’ translates as Bulletin of Aviation and Cosmonautics. It also carried the subtitle ‘Aerospace Herald’ in English. Each issue typically had 96 pages, with 122 photos, and 1 large insert. This magazine is described as a reincarnation of ‘Vestnik Vozdushnogo Flota‘. The printed magazine ceased publication at the end of 2014, but the publishers website continues as an aviation news portal, now rebanded as Aerospace Herald.

Publishing History

First issue available in 1997. Published bi-monthly until issue 6/2013, then to twice yearly from 1-2/2014. It ceased printed publication after the 3-4/2014 issue.
The editor was Manushkin Valery Alexandrovich.

Contents/Issues Produced

[*] Contents Listing, 1997-2014

Digital Access

Many back issues appear to be available as free PDFs to download from the publishers website.

Special Issues

No special issues were produced.

Further information

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Aviapress: Vestnik Aviatsiyi i Kosmonavtiki
Aerospace Herald
aviaport directory

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