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Key Facts

Availability: News-stand
Issues / Year: 11
ISSN: unknown
Barcode: None
First Year: 1951
Last Year: 1964
Publisher: Aero Club d'Italia
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Main Genre: Private Flying
Aviation Only? Yes
Current Status: Ceased

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‘Volo’ was a private flying magazine published in the 1950s. It was originally launched with the subtitle Quindicinale dell’Aero Club d’Italia, and contained only about 12 pages. By 1956 it had the subtitle Mensile di vita aeronautica, indicating a change of publishing frequency to monthly. Around 1960 it adopted the distinctive yellow cover design that made it stand out from other publications.

Publishing History

First issue on sale 1951. Published fortnightly (every two weeks) until sometime before 1956, by which time it had become monthly. Publication ceased in 1964.
The editor is unknown.

Contents/Issues Produced

To be added.

Digital Access

No digital versions of back issues appear to be available.

Special Issues

No special issues were produced.

Further information

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