Aviation Magazines in Lithuania


This is a survey of Lithuanian aviation, defence and aircraft scale modelling magazines. All magazines are Lithuanian text only, unless otherwise stated.

For other nations, check our country by country listing. An alphabetical index of titles is also available, as is a list of useful magazine shops which deal with new or secondhand magazines.

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Aviation (3)

[Vilnius Gediminas Technical University,  ISSN 1648-7788]
Frequency: Quarterly

Research Journal of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. Covers a very wide range of topics from Lithuanian aviation history to aerospace materials science.


Lietuvos Sparnai (1)

[Lietuvos Aero Kluba,  ISSN xxxx-xxxx]
Frequency: Monthly

Official journal of the Lithuanian Aero Club, published from the 1920s until 1940.


Lietuvos Sparnai (2)

[Lithuanian Federation of Aviation (LASF) ,  ISSN 0206-3867]
Frequency: Quarterly

Official journal of the Lithuanian Federation of Aviation. General aviation and spaceflight magazine covering both current and historical topics.


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