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Algeria is located in North Africa on the Mediterranean coast. The country has borders with Tunisia to the northeast, Libya to the east, Niger to the south east, Mali and Mauritania to the south west and Western Sahara and Morocco to the west. To north lies the Mediterranean.

Algeria is the largest country in Africa.

The terrain of Sri Lanka can be divided into three main areas. The Central Highlands in the south-central part of the country consists of a high plateau with mountains rising to 2,524 m (8,281 ft). Most of the rest of the island is characterised by lower-lying plains. In the east and north the plains are divided by long narrow spinal ridges running from the Central highlands towards the coast. A coastal belt surrounds the island, with sandy beaches and natural harbours. The land area is 65,610 square kilometres (25,332 square miles).

The country has a population of 20.3 million (2012 figures). The population is made up of 74.9% Sinhalese, 11.2% Tamil, 9.2% Moors and 2.5% others. In terms of religion, 70.2% of the population is Buddhist, 12.6% Hindu, 9.7% Moslem and 7.5% Christian. The capital is Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte, a suburb of Colombo.

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National History

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Timeline – Key Dates in Algeria History

Further National Information

BBC News Profile: Algeria
wikipedia: Algeria
wikipedia: History of Algeria


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Civil Aircraft Registrations

During the French colonial era, civil aircraft based in Algeria used the registration sequence F-Oxxx 1929-1962. After independence the prefix 7T-xxx was adopted.

All-time Algeria – civil aircraft register (7T-aaa)
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Aircraft Operators

Military Air Arms

Air Force (Algerian Air Force)
Army Aviation (Algerian People’s National Army)
Naval Aviation (Algerian National Navy)

Central Government Agencies

Government Aviation (Ministerial Air Liaisons Group)
Gendarmerie Aviation (Gendarmerie Nationale)
Coast Guard Aviation – Coast Guard duties are performed by the Navy.

Public Service Aviation

Civil Defence Aviation (Protection Civile)
Medical Aviation – EMS/Rescue helicopter services are provided by the Protection Civile.
Police Aviation (Sûreté Nationale)

Commercial Aviation

Air Algerie

wikipedia: Airlines of Algeria
The World’s Airlines: Algeria

Private Aviation

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Aircraft Manufacturers

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Aircraft Maintenance/Repair Depots

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Civil Airports & Airfields

Airports in Algeria

Military Air Bases & Airfields

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On Show

Aviation Museums

Museo del Polisario, Tindouf

Airshow Dates

Key Airshow Dates

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Aviation-Related Magazines

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