Cessna O-1E Bird Dog
in Armed Forces of Malta service


Five O-1E (L-19E) acquired from the Italian Army via the USA, and delivered from 4 February 1992. Used for coastal patrol, SAR and pilot training duties. Withdrawn from service in May 2000 and sold in the USA to civilian owners.

Individual Details

Serial c/no. Prev. Identity Delivered Fate/Notes
AS9206 0018 MM61-2972 1992 Initially serialled 9H-ACA. Sold as N619SB Jan 2001.
AS9207 0029 MM61-2983 1992 Initially serialled 9H-ACB. w/o 5 May 1993. Spares recovery. To Ta’Qali Museum Oct 2001
AS9208 0032 MM61-2986 1992 Initially serialled 9H-ACC. Sold as N320DA Jan 2001.
AS9209 0038 MM61-2990 1992 Initially serialled 9H-ACD. Sold as N119AJ Jan 2001.
AS9210 0035 MM61-12281 1992 Initially serialled 9H-ACE. Sold as N119LH Jan 2001.


Cessna O-1E 9H-ACA.
(photo: Roberto Benetti)

More Information


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Other Sources

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