Zlinek (2) – Contents Listing

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1 1992
F-16 Fighting Falcon (3 3-view col drwgs, 4 pages 1/72 scale drwgs); Sukhoi Su-15TM Flagon (detail sketches, col 4-view drwg, 4 side-view drwgs, 4 pages 1/72 scale drwgs); Lubomir Ulehla – WW2 fighter pilot (P-47D 1/72 scale drwg); Czech Model Show; Czech Mi-8 & Mi-24 sharkmouth markings
2 1992
The T-38/F-5 Family (T-38A & F-4 col 4-view drwgs, 10 pages of scale drwgs); Su-11 Fishpot C (4-view col drwg, 2 pages 1/72 scale drwgs); Mi-17 No.0826, No.1 Mixed Air Transport Regiment (markings drwgs); IPMS Canada 1992; Fw 58 ‘Weihe’
3 1993
The Wooden Miracle: Design and Early Development of the D.H.98 Mosquito (4 pages 1/72 scale drwgs, 1 col 3-view drwg, 5 col profiles); MiG-23BN (3-view col drwg); Su-9 Fishpot B (4-view col drwg, 1/72 scale drwgs); P-63 Kingcobra (3 side view drwgs, 3 col profiles, 5-view drwg)
4 1993
Siebel Si 204(3 pages 1/72 scale drwgs, 3 pages detail drwgs, 10 col profiles); MiG-21 (col 3-view drwg); The Su-17 Family Part 1: Su-71G & Su-17 (2 pages 1/72 scale drwgs, 2 pages col drwgs); Soviet under-wing weapons (1 page 1/48 scale drwgs)
5 1993
MiG-21PF (2 pages 1/72 scale drwgs, 5 side view drwgs, 2 pages 4-view col drwg, 9 col profiles, cockpit drwg); A Guerrilla MiG-21 (MiG-21s in Vietnam); The Story of ‘0441’ (Czech L-39 struck by lightning); Lavochkin La-5 (6 col profiles, 1 page 1/72 scale drwgs)
6 1993
Eyes of Military Aircraft (painting of eyes on aircraft to prevent bird-strikes, 6 col profiles); Avia S-199 (col 5-view drwg, 4 col profiles, 2 pages 1/72 scale drwgs); Sukhoi Su-17M Fitter C (3-view col drwg, 5 pages scale drwgs & sketches); Our Readers Present Their Work (2 col profiles)
7 (2/3)  
Gotha Go 145 (2 pages col drwgs); L-200 Morava (including complete production list, 3 pages scale drwgs, 1 page detail sketches); Su-25UTG: A Naval Trainer (2 pages col drwgs); MiG Hellfighter (Czech MiG-23MF in devil markings, 2-view col drwg)
8 (2/4)  
Lavochkin La-15 Fantail (col 4-view drwg, 1 page scale drwg, 1 page detail sketches); Panavia Tornado IDS (8 col profiles, 3 pages scale drwgs); Tornados in the Gulf; Tatra Trucks since 1898; Tatra T815 – The latest heavy truck line; Airfix: Diversity at the Best Price; Krasvoyenlet Sapozhnyikov (Sopwith Snipe of Russian airman Georgy Sapozhnyikov, 2 col profiles)
9 (III/1)  
Hurricanes Unknown (Hawker Hurricane in Russia & Yugoslavia, 4 pages scale drwgs, 2 3-view col drwgs, 14 col profiles); Sukhoi Su-17M2 and Su-22 (1 3-view col drwg, 3 col profiles, 6 pages 1/72 scale drwgs)
10 (III/2)  
F-104 Starfighter (1 col 4-view drwg, 4 col 3-view drwgs, 3 pages 1/72 scale drwgs); Su-24 Tactical Bomber (1 3-view col drwg, 4 pages 1/72 scale drwgs)
11 (III/3)  
Armoured Vehicle Mk.30/Tatra T-72; Sukhoi Su-17M3 – Su-22M/M3 (7 page scale drwgs, 1 page underwing weapons drwgs, 1 col 3-view drwg, 5 col profiles)
12 (III/4)  
Bf 109G-10: The Most Agile Gustav (2 pages 1/72 scale drwgs, 2 pages sketches, 4-view col drwg, 10 col profiles); Mi-2 Hoplite (2 pages 1/72 scale drwgs, 12 col profiles); Three Stories of One Wing (Czech MiG-21 with one wing camouflage and one wing uncamoflaged); Su-25 Shame of the Air Base Saki (Ukrainian Su-25, 3-view col drwg); Universal Rocket Launcher UB-16 (scale drwgs)
13 (IV/1)  
Supermarine Spitfire Mk.VB special by Wojtek Matusiak (Spitfire Vs flown by Czech pilots in the RAF, 10 col profiles, 4-view col drwg, 2 pages 1/72 scale drwgs, cutaway drwg, detail sketches)
14 (IV/2) 1998
MiG-29 Fulcrum A,C special by Josef Martinek (76 pages: 8 pages 1/72 scale drwgs, 14 pages col multi-view drwgs)
15-16 (IV/3-4) 1998
Karel Stryk: letecky mechanik, pilot a fotograf by Jaroslav Popelka, Vaclav Kolesa (96 pages, Czech text)

Zlinek (1) – Contents Listing

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1 1/1989
No information
2 2/1989
No information
3 3/1989
No information
4 4/1989
No information
5 1/1990
MiG-21 (1/72 scale drwgs)
6 2/1990
No information
7 3/1990
Mil Mi-17
8 4/1990
No information
9 1/1991
No information
10 2/1991
No information
11 3/1991
Mil Mi-24 Hind by J Spacek (1/72 scale drwgs); MiG-23; Messerschmitt Bf 109E
12 4/1991
No information

Zlinek Junior – Contents Listing

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1 1/1996
No information
2 2/1996
No information
3 3/1996
No information
4 4/1996
Jeste o C-2 (Czech Ar 96); Zis-5 (Soviet truck)
5 5/1996
No information
6 6/1996
Jakovlev UT-2 pro modelare (4 pages 1/58 scale drwgs); Curtiss P-40 v SSSR
No information
No information
Letecko-technicky zkusebni istav Praha (Aircraft tested at Prague 1939-1945); Aero 145 (scale drwg); Z Vasich dopisu (Czech AF crashes from 1945)
No information
No information
12 Unor 2000
No information
13 Duben 2000
Vyskove Spitfire (4-view drwg of Spitfire Mk.VII); Zlin Z-226 (5-view drwg)

Zlinek Junior

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

A Czech text scale plastic modelling magazine. Launched in 1996, this magazine consisted of 16 pages in A4 size, illustrated by black & white photos, line drawings and scale plans. Topics covered included aircraft, vehicles and AFVs. The publisher and editor was Jaromir Stepan. The last issue appeared in 2000.

[*] Contents Listing, No.1 – No.13

Zlinek (2)

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

Scale plastic modelling magazine. The new glossy version of ‘Zlinek’ was first published in 1992 with a 32-page special issue to raise money for serial publication. This exercise was successful and quarterly publication followed. The magazine normally consisted of 30-32 pages in A4 size, with a professional layout, illustrated by many colour and black & white photos, colour multi-view drawings, line drawings and detailed 1/72 scale plans. All the text was English only (except for the final issue). Topics covered included vehicles and AFVs, but the emphasis was on aircraft – a former Warsaw Pact aircraft type was usually described and illustrated in each issue. The publisher and editor was Jaromir Stepan. The last three issues were single-topic specials. The last issue appeared in 1998.

[*] Contents Listing, No.1 – No.16

Zlinek (1)

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

Produced by Jaromir Stepan, the original ‘Zlinek Kit Bulletin’ was a simple bulletin for plastic modellers published in the town of Zlin. It first appeared in 1989 with an almost a photo-copied look, using dull plain white paper and illustrated with black and white photos, good line drawings and 1/72 plans. 24 pages were in each issue. It covered the usual modelling subjects of vehicles, AFVs and aircraft. English text summary. This magazine ceased publishing in 1991. A couple of years later it re-appeared as the glossy magazine described below.

[*] Contents Listing, 1989 – 1991

Vojenksé Letectvo

Aviation-related Magazines Guide


‘Vojenks√© Letectvo’ was the magazine of the air forces of the Czech and Slovak Republics. It included news and articles on the aircraft and activities of the two formerly joined air arms. Articles on military aviation in other countries was also featured. Each issue has 46 A4 size pages with many colour photos.

Publishing History

First issue on sale early 2003. Jointly published quarterly by Czech and Slovakian publishers until issue no.9 (5/2004) when it ceased publication.
The editor is unknown.

Contents/Issues Produced

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Digital Access

No digital versions of back issues appear to be available.

Special Issues

No special issues were produced.

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