Aviation-related Magazines Guide

Quarterly magazine published since 1991. Previously appeared under the title ‘Ilmailuyhdistyksen Tiedote’ (see below). Published by the Aviation Museum Society of Finland. A4 size with 24 – 32 pages per issue. Edited by Börje Hjelm 1991 – 2000, and Erkki Kivikero 2001 onwards.

Further information: website: Feeniks

Ilmailuyhdistyksen Tiedote

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

Title means Aviation Museum Society Bulletin. Quarterly magazine. Included feature article on Finnish aviation history and veterans memoirs as well as museum news. Average size was 20 pages. The editor was Börje Hjelm. Published 1976-1980 in A4 size, then 1981-1990 in A5 size. Changed its name to ‘Feeniks’ in 1991 (see above).


Aviation-related Magazines Guide

Newsletter of a Finnish warbird operating group. The year 2004 saw the 22nd annual issue. The editor is Harri Ylinen.

Further information: Harri Ylinen, Mimminkaari 21, 35600 HALLI. Tel: (03)5320 715. e-mail: halevi@mantta.fi, website: Lentotekniikan Kilta rynd.


Aviation-related Magazines Guide

First published in 1971? Quarterly scale plastic modelling magazine. The majority of the feature articles are on aircraft and aircraft modelling. Finnish text with English captions to photos and drawings. Each issue includes an in-depth article on an aircraft type operated in Finland – with scale plan drawings, photos, colour scheme details and historical data.

Further information: IPMS Finland ry., PL 798, 00101 Helsinki. website: IPMS Finland

PienoisMalli (1)

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

Title means ScaleModel. Featured modelling and aviation history articles. A4 size magazine of 12 pages each issue. The editor was Toivo Sorsa. Published annually in 1975 (No.1), 1976 (No.2) and 1977 (No.3). Changed its name to ‘Spinneri’ in 1978 (see below).

Siivet – Wings

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

‘Siivet’ is the leading aviation magazine in Finland. It features a wide range of aviation topics: military aviation, commercial aviation, aviation games, space, etc. It also include historical articles often WWII stories or aircraft types.

‘Siivet’ has been published for nearly 20 years and is issued 6 times a year. A sample issue appeared in 1986, followed by a full six issues in 1987. The editor has been Rauni Vainio from the start. The publisher of the first few issues was Ilmailukustannus Oy, then AR-kustannus and now Apali Oy.

Further information: website: Siivetom Finland.