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Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of the Republic of China. It is located on China’s south coast, on the opposite side of the Pearl River delta to Macau. It comprises Hong Kong Island, the Kowloon Peninsula, the New Territories and over 200 offshore islands. The largest of these islands is Lantau Island.

The territory of Hong Kong is mainly hilly or mountainous, with steep slopes. The highest mountain is Tai Mo Shan, reaching 957 m (3,140 ft). The long coastline provides many bays, rivers and beaches. The total land area is 1,104 sq km (426 sq miles).

The population of 7,061,200 (2010 figure) is 93.6% Chinese, Indonesian 1.9%, Filipino 1.9%, White 0.2% and others 1.9% (Indian, Pakistani, East Asian). Some 92% of the population is Tao Buddhist, with most of the rest following Christian faiths. The capital city is Central, (previously called Victoria), on Hong Kong Island.

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National History

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Timeline – Key Dates in Hong Kong History

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Civil Aircraft Registrations

Under British Colonial rule, civil aircraft in Hong Kong were allocated the registration prefix VR-Hxx in 1929. The first aircraft to use this prefix arrived in 1930.

Upon the transfer of sovereignty to China in 1993, the registration prefix was changed to B-Hxx. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region maintained control of its own aircraft register after the handover. The initial sequence B-HAA to B-HZZ soon proved insufficient and additional sequences B-KAA to B-KZZ and B-LAA to B-LZZ are now also used.

Historical listing 1930-1938
Complete (Historical) Civil Rotorcraft Register of Hong Kong

Aircraft Operators

Military Air Arms

Current military air arms:
There are no current military air arms in Hong Kong.

Historical military air arms:
Air Force (Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force – RHKAAF) [1949-1993]

Central Government Agencies

Government Aviation (Government Flying Service – GFS)
Coast Guard – Maritime Policing is provided by aircraft from the GFS.

Public Service Aviation

Medical Aviation – EMS and Rescue services are provided by the GFS.
Police Aviation – Police air support is provided by the GFS.

Commercial Aviation

Cathay Pacific
Hong Kong Airlines

wikipedia: Airlines of Netherlands Antilles
The World’s Airlines: Hong Kong

Private Aviation

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Aircraft Manufacturers

None known.

Aircraft Maintenance/Repair Depots

None known.


Civil Airports & Airfields

Hong Kong International Airport
Kai Tak Airport [1924-1998]

Other airports
Airports in Hong Kong

Military Air Bases & Airfields

The Royal Air Force operated from Kai Tak Airport 1927-1993. Shek Kong Airfield (formerly RAF Sek Kong) is now a PLAAF air base. Shatin Airfield was used by the British Army Air Corps 1949-197?.

On Show

Aviation Museums

Hong Kong Science Museum

Airshow Dates

None known.

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‘Orient Aviation’ regards itself as the leading commercial aviation magazine in the Asia-Pacific region, with unrivalled coverage of the changing aviation scene in China and the region as a whole. Launched as a quarterly in October 1993, became a bi-monthly two years later and in February 1998 increased its frequency to 10 issues a year. It now has an audited circulation of almost 10,000 copies. The editor is Christine McGee.

A quarterly Chinese language edition ‘Orient Aviation China’ was launched in November 2004, to cater for China-based decision-makers in that fast growing market. It had 3,300 subscribers in 2012. Orient Aviation China

Published twice a year, ‘Orient Aviation India’ is an English-language magazine launched in March 2007. It covers another fast-growing market with local aviation writers providing expert reporting and analysis. Orient Aviation India

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