Maru Extra

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Featuring the same eclectic mix as its stablemate, the monthly Maru (see above), this publication has no colour section but provides in part some great pictures on glossy paper and a wealth of information on air campaigns, Japanese World War II air operations etc. What the bulk of the photographic coverage, of necessity, occasionally lacks in quality it more than makes up for in rarity value – in fact it could even be argued that combining grainy pictures with its rougher quality paper adds to its “time warp” factor. Sadly, although it would be of great source of both interest and information to Western readers, no English digest is supplied.

Further information: Ushioshobo Co., Ltd., Kudanshita 1-9-11, Tokyo 102-0073, Japan. Editorial: Tel +81 3 3265 8654, Sales: Tel +81 3 3265 8651. Web: Kojinsha

Air Power Graphics

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Magazine focussing on modern military aviation around the world. Highly pictorial content, with many colour photographs. A4 size, 90 pages each. Initially published as a bi-monthly in 1991, but became monthly in mid 1992 before switching to quarterly with more pages in 1993. Ceased publication sometime after mid 1996.

[*] Contents Listing, 1991 – 1996

Air Combat (1)

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

Subtitled ‘Illustrated Military-Aircraft’. Another magazine focusing on military aviation, with a not very original name. This title covers the entire history of military aviation – especially the World Wars – rather than just the present day. Highly pictorial content, with many colour photographs. A4 size, 130 pages each. Issue 21 was dated October 1991, but it ceased publication sometime later.


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Aéropostale – complete with French accent on the ‘e’ – was a magazine dedicated to airlines and airliners. The content was highly pictorial, with colour photographs taking up most of each page and relatively little text. Typically each issue includes a photographic tour of an airliner type, (A340, Concorde, 747 etc), a feature on a specific airline, photographs of different fleet liveries, and an airport visit. Known issues are November 1992, January 1993 and March 1993. It appears to have soon become quarterly, with issues 9 and 10 appearing in June and September 1997.

The World’s Aircraft

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

The World’s Aircraft appears to have started off as a monthly pictorial encyclopedia of aircraft, but sometime between 1955 and 1957 it appears to have evolved into a conventional aviation magazine to compete with Koku-Fan and AirReview. First published in 1951 and ceased publication with issue 80. 80-100 pages in each issue. The feature articles were usually in the form of pictorial histories, with large b+w photographs, often displayed one or two per page. The excellent photos of pre-war aircraft are now of particular interest.

Model Art (1)

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

First published in October 1966, this plastic modelling magazine covers all the bases from aircraft to ships in intimate detail – in the May 2003 edition, the long-running series giving tips on Japanese Air Self-Defence Force types combined the vexed question of F-4 Phantom exhaust nozzles with cockpit photos. Less than A4 in size, the majority of each issue is given over to describing one subject, usually an aircraft, in extreme detail, providing a survey of kits available, a history of the aircraft and a combination of images of the aircraft in real and model form. This is accompanied by the expected new kit reviews, accessory info, competition event reports and countless hobby shop ads.
Illustrations include colour photos and artwork, foldout scale plan drawings, colour chip chart, lots of detail and markings drawings, many b+w photos.

Further information: Model Art Co., Ltd, Iidabashi 3-3-11, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0072, Japan. Editorial: Tel: +81 3 3288 3715, Fax: +81 3 3288 4561, Sales: Tel: +81 3 3262 6450, Fax: +81 3 3262 7932. Web: Model Art
[*] Contents Listing, October 1966 – December 1969
[*] Contents Listing, January 1977 – December 1979
[*] Contents Listing, January 1980 – December 1989
[*] Contents Listing, January 1990 – December 1999
[*] Contents Listing, January 2000 – December 2009
[*] Contents Listing, January 2010 – December 2019


Aviation-related Magazines Guide

Published by part of the Kojinsha publishing company, which also produces a wide range of military books, this magazine has a wide topic base covering naval, land and air subjects.
From the aviation standpoint the colour section usually covers one or two items of topical interest, and currently (April 2003) features a long-standing series of renowned aviation photographer’s Katsuhiko Tokunaga`s “Best Shots” of modern aircraft. Sadly, colour reproduction and picture quality can be a bit marginal to say the least but the glossy black and white section usually contains rare archive shots of Japanese World War II types.
Using relatively low quality paper for its feature article section it does however cover interesting subjects, of a predominantly historical nature – but only in Japanese. Air campaigns, Japanese unit and individual aircraft development histories are particularly prevalent. An excellent series has been providing in-depth coverage of Japanese aviation museums.
In September 2002 and February 2003 separate special feature supplements covering World War II types were included, at which time the cover price was increased to ¥1350.
Bi-monthly special editions – Maru Extra – also appear (see below).

Further information: Ushioshobo Co., Ltd., Tokyo-Chuo PO Box 2000, Tokyo, Japan. Editorial: Tel +81 3 3265 8652, Sales: Tel +81 3 3265 8651. Web: Kojinsha