Aviation-related Magazines Guide

Title means Recognition. First issue published 1948. Magazine devoted to the recognition of world aircraft, ships and army equipment. Occaisionally includes articles about general military subjects. Originally b+w photos only, now all colour photos. Official Dutch defence magazine. Ceased publication in December 2002 due to a budget reallocation within the Dutch armed forces.

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Aviation-related Magazines Guide

First issue dated January 1960. Subtitled ‘Het blad met al het luchtvaartnieuws’. Published monthly during the 1960’s, but bi-monthly by 1973. 40 pages each issue, A5 size, many photos (originally all b+w, later in colour). The majority of the features were on Dutch aircraft and operators. It also included a serialised complete Dutch civil aircraft register. Ceased publication in the mid 1970’s. Edited by the well known Dutch aviation author Hugo Hooftman.

[*] Contents Listing, 1960 – 1974

Piloot & Vliegtuig

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

The official English title translation is ‘Pilot & Airplane’. Originally just a private flying magazine but now expanded in scope to cover all aspects of aviation and flying. Topics covered in P&V include: Military aviation, Flying Units, Air Forces, Civil Aviation, General Aviation, Biz-jets, Airports, Airfields, News, Helicopters, Pilot Reports, Travel Reports, Aviation Technology, Knowledge Quizzes, In-depth explanation of flying & aerodynamics, Airshow reports and the like. Over 120 high quality multi-coloured pages each month. The largest current commercial aviation magazine available in both Holland and Belgium.

Further information: Postbus 1110, 6040 KC Roermond. E-mail: info@pilootenvliegtuig.nl Homepage: pilootenvliegtuig


Aviation-related Magazines Guide

Title means Aviation. 11 issues published per year under the editorship of Thijs Postma. Volume 15 No.4 was dated April 1998. A4 size, with many colour and b+w photos. Renamed Luchtvaartwereld (‘Aviationworld’) after a clash between the publisher and editors, but Luchtvaartwereld ceased publication abruptly when its inexperienced financier pulled out in 1999-2000 due to an apparent unforeseen lack of subscribers. Its ‘remains’ were, after some time, absorbed by competitor Piloot & Vliegtuig.

De Vliegende Hollander

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

Subtitled ‘Maandblad voor de Koninklijke Luchtmacht’ – the official magazine of the Royal Netherlands Air Force. Circa 34 pages in each issue, with many b+w and colour photos. News and features on the RNethAF, plus some articles of general interest. Volume 59 No.10 was dated October 2003. Published eleven times a year (monthly with July/Aug. issue combined). ISSN also recorded as 0042-7705.

Further information: Postbus 20703, 2500 ES Den Haag, Netherlands. e-mail: vliegendehollander@mindef.nl, website: De Vliegende Hollander


Aviation-related Magazines Guide

Independent magazine for defence issues. Discusses peace, security, arms control, military technology and history, defense policies, and current developments affecting the Netherlands Armed Forces, independent from the Ministry of Defense. Circa 32 pages in each issue, with many colour & b+w photos. Published bi-monthly. Reached it’s 87th year of publication in 2003. Previously published by Wunnink Media.

Further information: Postbus 96977, 2509 JJ The Hague. Fax: 070-3262183. website: Armex

Verenigde Vleugels

Aviation-related Magazines Guide


The title ‘Verenigde Vleugels’ translates as United Wings. The subtitle ‘Het Tijdschrift Voor De Nederlandse Luchtvaarthistorie’ (The Magazine for Netherlands Aviation History) is also carried on the front cover. The title derives from the fact that it was originally set up by six organisations dealing with vintage aircraft and historic aviation as a joint magazine for all their members. An A4 size publication, with 32 pages full of information about a wide range of subjects from the Dutch and Belgian aviation history. News and current affairs, military and civil, from the beginning of aviation to the present. Articles about airplanes, people and events. Illustrated by colour and b+w photos.

Publishing History

First issue on sale May 1999. Four issues produced in the first year, 1999, and then 6 issues per year thereafter.
The editor is unknown.

Contents/Issues Produced

Index of Articles 1999-2013

Digital Access

No digital versions of back issues appear to be available.

Special Issues

No special issues were produced.

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Marine Luchtvaart Magazine

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

First published in June 1992. A magazine devoted to world naval aviation, especially the Dutch Navy (the MLD). Included features on naval and coastguard aviation, preserved and abandoned naval aircraft, MLD history, etc. A4 size, 20 pages each, many b+w photos with a colour centrespread and cover. It seems to have ceased publication in favour of the website at an unknown date.

Further information: Stichting Neptune Association, Postbus 244, 2230 AE Rijnsburg, Netherlands. website: Neptune Association

Onze Luchtmacht

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

Title translates as Our Air Force. Published by the Royal Dutch Society “Onze Luctmacht” – a sort of Friends of the Air Force group. Main focus is on the Netherlands Air Force, but also includes world reports. A4 size, with colour and b+w photos. Date first published not known.

Further information: Ledenservice Kon. Ned. Ver. “Onze Luchtmacht”, Geelgorshof 7, 5672 ES Nuenen, Nederland.
e-mail: service@onzeluchtmacht.nl, website: Onze Luchtmacht