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Aviation-related Magazines Guide

Official magazine of the Aero Club de Portugal. First published in 1937. Officially quarterly, issue number 592 was dated January/April 1999, which would make publication frequency only three issues per year. (Although Issue No.593 was dated May/July 1999). It is presumed that it was published at 10-12 issues per year for most of it’s life to reach the current high issue numbers. A4 size, glossy magazine with plenty of colour photos. Typical contents includes Aero Club news, light aircraft flight tests, aviation events in Portugal etc.

Further information: R. General Pimenta de Castro, 4-C, 1700 Lisboa. Telefone: 840 5317, Fax:840 5572. Aero Club de Portugal

Mais Alto

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

Sub-titled ‘Rivista Da Forca Aerea Portuguesa’. Official magazine of the Portuguese Air Force. Published bi-monthly since April 1959. April/May 1999 is issue No.318 in Year 37. A4 size, 56 page glossy magazine with news, articles on the FAP and it’s aircraft – past and present, plus Portuguese aviation history, military aviation around the world and a scale modelling column. The best Portuguese publication about military aircraft. Excellent quality research contributors and excellent photographs, most of them in colour.

Further information: Av. da Força Aérea Portuguesa, 2724-506 Amadora – Portugal. Tel: 351-21-472 35 12, Fax: 351-21-470 69 80.
Email:, website: Mais Alto

Luso Scale

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

Launched in April 2001 to replace Luso-Fanatics, although Luso Scale was a magazine orientated for general scale modelling rather than just for Portuguese military aviation. Intended to tbe published quarterly, but only survived for two or three issues. Feature articles included modelling aircraft in FAP markings, such as the SB-17G and Sikorsky S-19 and Portuguese aerobatic teams. No further information.


Aviation-related Magazines Guide

Sub-titled ‘The Newsletter of Portuguese Military Aviation Special Interest Group’. Produced in association with IPMS. Published quarterly circa 1999-2000. A4 size magazine dedicated to scale modelling the aircraft of the FAP. Contents included SigPMA news, feature articles on the FAP and it’s aircraft – past and present, events etc. Portuguese only text? Ceased publication by the start of 2001.


Aviation-related Magazines Guide

Associação dos Amigos do Museu Aero Fénix. Aero Fénix restores and operates former FAP ‘warbirds’ – it currently owns a T-6, a Chipmunk and a Broussard. The supporters association was founded on 25 July 1995. The magazine is available free to members. The AAMAF also produces a magazine called ‘AeroNostalgia’. No further information.

Further information: Website: Aero Fénix


Aviation-related Magazines Guide

Official newsletter of the Associação dos Amigos do Museu Aero Fénix. Aero Fénix restores and operates former FAP ‘warbirds’ – it currently owns a T-6, a Chipmunk and a Broussard. The supporters association was founded on 25 July 1995. The magazine is available free to members. The AAMAF also produces a magazine called ‘AeroNostalgia’. No further information.

Further information: Website: Aero Fénix


Country Profile

The Country


Portugal is located on the western side of the Iberian peninsula, in western Europe. It is bordered to the north and east by Spain, and to the south and west by the Atlantic Ocean. The river Tagus neatly divides the country into the more mountainous north and the lower, undulating terrain to the south. Two island groups in the Atlantic also belong the Portugal: the Azores and Madeira. The total land area is 91,950 sq km (35,502 sq miles).

The Population of 9.8 million (2000 figure) is 99% Portuguese and 1% African immigrants from the former colonies. 97% of the population is Roman Catholic, 1% Protestant and 2% other faiths. The capital city is Lisbon.

Former overseas territories include: Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde Islands, Goa (in India), Guinea, Macau (in China), Mozambique, Timor.

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National History

Summary Narrative History

Timeline – Key Dates in Portuguese History

Further National Information

BBC News Profile: Portugal
Yahoo Portugal page
wikipedia: Portugal
wikipedia: History of Portugal


Text to be added on the development of aviation in Portugal.


Civil Aircraft Registrations

Portuguese civil aircraft were registered in the series C-PAAA onwards from 1919, but this changed to CS-AAA onwards in 1929. The sequence CS-UAA onwards is reserved for microlights.

An incomplete all-time Portuguese civil aircraft register listing is here.

Aircraft Operators

Military Air Arms

Current military air arms-
Air Force (Forca Aerea Portuguesa)
Naval Aviation (Marinha Portuguesa)

Historical military air arms-
Naval Aviation [1917-1952]
Army Aviation [1914-1952]
Army Aviation (Exercito Portuguesa) [2000-2015]
National Guard Aviation [1984-1991]
Irregular Forces Aviation [1962-1975]

Central Government Agencies

Government Aviation – government aviation unit
Civil Defence Aviation (Protecao Civil)

Public Service Aviation

Medical Aviation (INEM)
Police Aviation – no aviation unit

Commercial Aviation

Air Luxor (1988-2006)
Euro Atlantic
SATA Air Acores
TAP Portugal

wikipedia: Airlines of Portugal
The World’s Airlines: Portugal

Private Aviation

To be added


Aircraft Manufacturers


Aircraft Maintenance/Repair Depots

None known.


Civil Airports & Airfields

Airports in Portugal

Military Air Bases & Airfields

Military Air Bases Listing – to be added.

On Show

Aviation Museums

Museu do Ar
Museu de Marinha

Airshow Dates

Key Airshow Dates

More Information

Aviation-Related Magazines

Magazines Guide for Portugal

Aviation Bibliography

Portuguese Aviation Bibliography – to be added

Web Links

wikipedia: Aviation in Portugal
Links to relevant pages

Aeromodelling and Aviation in Portugal
Some info on Portuguese aircraft, famous flights, aviation museums

Aviation Photography at Faro
Civil and military photo galleries plus spotters guide to Faro airport

The Luso Pages: Lisbon Aviation
Airport and airline information.

Portuguese helicopter operator

Portugal Key Dates

c 500,000 BC    First human inhabitants of Iberia.
c 5,000 BC    ‘Iberian’ culture emerges.
c 600 BC    Celtic invaders conquer the region and settle.
206 BC    Portugal becomes part of the Roman province of Lusitania.
409 AD    Visigoth invaders from the north arrive and establish a kingdom in Iberia centred on Mérida.
711 AD    The Moors – muslim invaders from North Africa – occupy southern Iberia.
c750 AD    Portucallis – northern part of modern Portugal – falls under control of the Christian Spanish kingdom of León and Asturias.
1064    Southern border of Portucallis pushed further south, as ‘reconquista’ campaign gathers pace.
1143    Treaty of Zamora – Portucallis gains independence from kingdom of León and Castile.
1179    Portugal recognised by the Pope as an independent kingdom.
1250    Algarve captured from the Moors – frontiers of modern Portugal established.
1294    Commercial treaty signed with England.
1385    Portugal wins war of independence from Castile, with English help.
1386    Treaty of Windsor – England and Portugal form an alliance.
1419-1460    Henry the Navigator oversees an era of great overseas discovery and expansion.
1445    Cape Verde Islands reached.
1488    Portuguese ships sail round the southern tip of Africa.
7 June 1494    Treaty of Tordesillas – divides new overseas territories between Spain and Portugal.
1498    Vasco da Gama reaches India.
1500    Brazil claimed by Portugal.
1580    Spanish and Portuguese kingdoms joined after Portuguese royal family dies out.
15 December 1640    Portugal regains independence.
1668    Treaty of Lisbon – end of prolonged warfare with Spain.
1793    Portugal joins the European coalition against revolutionary France.
1801    War of the Oranges – Portugal invaded and divided between France and Spain.
1807    Napoleonic France invades – royal family flees to Brazil.
1808    British troops under Wellington arrive – start of Peninsular War.
1811    Last French troops forced to leave Portugal.
1820    Liberal revolution creates a constitutional monarchy.
1821    Royal family returns.
1822    Brazil declares independence.
5 October 1910    King abdicates amid revolution – Republic proclaimed.
1916    Portugal joins the Allies in World War I.
May 1926    Army coup ends republican government.
1933    ‘New State’ constitution establishes right-wing dictatorship.
1939-1945    Portugal neutral in World War 2, but lets UK use air bases in the Azores.
1947    Attempted revolt is crushed.
4 April 1949    Portugal becomes a founder member of NATO.
1951    Existing colonies made provinces of equal status to the home country.
1955    Portugal joins the United Nations.
18 December 1961    India annexes Goa. Guerrilla war breaks out in Angola, Guinea and Mozambique.
1962-1964    Guerrilla war breaks out in Angola, Guinea and Mozambique.
25 April 1974    Left wing Armed Forces movement overthrows government.
1975    Angola and Mozambique granted independence – many expatriates return home.
1976    Indonesia seizes East Timor.
27 June 1976    First free Parliamentary elections held in several decades.
1982    Full civilian government formally restored.
January 1986    Portugal joins the EEC.
20 December 1999    Macau returned to China.
January 2002    Portugal introduces the euro as it’s official currency.
August 2003    Vast areas of woodland are destroyed in forest fires.
August 2005    Outside help sought to tackle widespread forest fires.

Portugal National History

1910 monarchy overthrown. 23 November 1914 joined Allied coalition in World War 1, but little active service. 1932 authoritarian government under Salazar. Neutral in Spanish Civil War and World War Two.

Founder member of NATO on 4 April 1949. Democracy restored 1974. Constitutional government resumed 1976. African colonies given independence in late 1970’s. Joined European Community in 1986.

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