Air Wing
Regional Security System


The unit was formed in 1999 with the arrival of the first aircraft.

Subordinate Units



Type Qty Service Example Serials
Fairchild C-26A 2 1999 – Present RSS-A1, RSS-A2

Unit Markings

RSS Air Wing

Main Bases

Base Duration
Grantley Adams IAP, Barbados 1999 – Present


None currently available.

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  • World Air Forces Directory 2013/04 (Ian Carroll)

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Regional Security System

Operator Profile


Narrative Summary

The Regional Security System (RSS) is an international agreement for the defence and security of the eastern Caribbean region. It was first established in 1982 and formalised by legal Treaty in 1996. It’s members are: Antigua and Barbuda (since 1982), Barbados (since 1982), Dominica (since 1982), Grenada (since 1985), Saint Kitts and Nevis (since 1983), Saint Lucia (since 1982) and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (since 1982).

An Air Wing was established in 1999, with two aircraft donated by the United States. The first aircraft, not fitted with a sensor package, was delivered to Barbados in January 1999. It was used for training and logistics missions while the second aircraft was outfitted with surveillance equipment. The second aircraft was delivered in early 2001 and commenced operations shortly afterwards. The first aircraft was subsequently upgraded with the same standard of surveillance equipment.

The Air Wing has now operated very successfully for nearly 15 years. Between August 2013 and March 2015, the two RSS aircraft will be subjected to a complete overhaul and sensor systems upgrade, with each aircraft taking 6-8 months to undergo the process. The aircraft will emerge with state-of-the-art avionics and systems, ready for another decade of service.

Key Dates

October 1982    Memorandum of Understanding signed for provision of mutual assistance.
March 1996    Treaty formally establishing the RSS signed.
January 1999    First aircraft acquired.
Feb 2001    First aircraft with full sensor fit delivered.

Current Status

The aircraft are currently undergoing a major overhaul and sensor upgrade, (late 2013-mid 2015).

Future Plans

No future procurement plans known.


National Insignia

RSS aircraft are basically dark grey overall, with a very distinctive ‘sharksmouth’ marking on the nose. No national markings or service titles are displayed. A RSS logo has recently been added to the fin.

Aircraft Serial Numbers

RSS aircaft use a single digit numerical serial, with the prefix RSS and the letter ‘A’ for Air Wing, eg: RSS-A1.

Unit/Base Codes

Coding system not used


Aircraft Designations

None – Manufacturers designations used

Current Aircraft Inventory

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Aircraft Type Total Del’d Total Active Still on Order Role
Fairchild C-26A Metro III 2 2 0 Anti-Narcotics Patrol

All-Time Aircraft Used List

Aircraft Type Quantity Service Entry Out of Service Origin
Fairchild C-26A Metro III 2 1999 current USA

Aircraft NOT Used

No false reports known.


Main Headquarters

RSS Headquarters, Christ Church, Barbados.

Organisational Structure

The RSS includes an Air Wing with two aircraft.

Current Order of Battle

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Squadron Type Base
Air Wing Fairchild C-26A Grantley Adams IAP, Barbados

Historical Orders of Battle

Not applicable.

All-Time Flying Units List

Not applicable.

Air Bases

Current Air Bases

Both aircraft are based at Grantley Adams IAP, Barbados.

All-Time Air Bases Used List

The aircraft use various airports in the Eastern Caribbean while conducting missions.

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wikipedia: Regional Security System
Official website
Scramble: RSS

Any photographs illustrating this air arm would be welcome.

Fairchild C-26A Metro III
in Regional Security System service


Two C-26 Metro III obtained from the USAF in 1996, converted to C-26A(RC) standard with a large belly radome and delivered in 1999. Used by the Regional Security System (RSS) for anti-drug smuggling patrols.

Individual Details

Serial c/no. Prev. Identity Delivered Fate/Notes
RSS-A1 AC-743B 86-0454 1999 n/a
RSS-A2 AC-742B 86-0456 1999 n/a


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