Air Fleet

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Bi-monthly English-language magazine. Originally subtitled ‘Russian Air Force, aircraft & space review’, later ‘Russian Aerospace Review’ and by 2005 ‘Aerospace Technologies Review’. Each edition features superb predominantly four-color photography and some issues include a two-sided poster pull-out section. The magazine is printed on thick glossy paper in Italy and represents superb value. Each issue features a number of regular features on Russian military aircraft, aircraft armament, the aviation industry, civil aviation in the CIS, aviation history and ‘cosmonautics’. Air Fleet is the only English language bi-monthly magazine dedicated to Russian arms. 64 pages. Published since 1998.

Further information: Airfleet Review, PO BOX 77, Moscow, RUSSIA, 125057. Tel: (7-095)- 158-3305, Fax: (7-095)- 956-0107.
E-mail:, website: Air Fleet [Not updated since 2003]
[*] Contents Listing, 1998-present

AeroSpace Review (1)

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

Russian title: Aerokosmicheskoe Obozrenie. Initially quarterly, but later bi-monthly magazine focussing mainly on military aviation. Covers modern and historical aviation, with nearly all the articles focussing on Russian subjects. Published since 2002.

Further information: Aviapress: AeroSpace Review
[*] Contents Listing, 2002-present

Aerospace Journal

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Bi-monthly English language magazine covering the Russian aerospace industry. Covers subjects under the headings of: Problems and Perspectives; Aerospace Industry; Economics, Space and Technologies; Space Flight; Air Transport and Infrastructure; Aviation Sport; Expo; Archives. Published 1996-2002.

Further information: 35 Mosfilmovskaya St., Bldg. 1, Moscow 117330, Russia. Phone: (095) 143-9662, 143-9659, Fax: (095) 937-9632, 143-9660. e-mail:, website: Aerospace Journal

Aerospace Courier (2)

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

Aerokosmicheskij kur`er/Aerospace Courier. Bi-monthly magazine covering all aspects of the Russian aerospace industry. Complete dual Russian-English text from 1999 onwards. 50-80 pages in each issue, with more than 100 photos. Includes features on specific Russian aerospace companies and their products, Russian airlines, industry restructuring, military procurement plans etc. Aerospace industry, research, technology, space technology, air transportation, air shows, sport, archives.

Further information: Aviapress: Aerospace Courier
[*] Contents Listing, 1998-present

Aerospace Complex/Aerokosmicheskij kompleks

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

Quarterly journal dealing with the whole range of export production at the enterprises of Russian aerospace complex. It gives full analysis of activities by domestic developers and producers of aviation and rocket space technique. Russian/English text. No further details.

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Aviation-related Magazines Guide

Title means Aero Museum. Quarterly historical aviation magazine, printed in the Russian language only. Published in St. Petersburg. It appears that only one regular issue was ever published (dated 1/1991), plus one special. More specials where planned but never published.

[*] Contents Listing, 1991