Aerospatiale SA 342L Gazelle
in Cyprus Air Command service


Key Facts

Total Delivered: 6
Total Still Active: 4
Total Now Stored: 0
Service Entry: 1988
Retirement: current
Main Role: Attack
Origin: France


The French-made SA 342L1 Gazelle Eurocopter once formed the backbone of the Cyprus Air Force, and is still in service today as a light anti-tank and scout helicopter. Its main base is Lakatamia. It was first ordered in June 1987, and deliveries were taking place by January 1988.
A total of 6 aircraft were ordered in the initial batch, though only 4 were initially delivered.
The main weapon of the SA-342L Gazelle is the HOT wire-guided anti-tank missile, with a total of 4 per aircraft. The Gazelle can also carry up to 3 passengers.
The missing construction numbers should come from the following candidates: 2202, 2203, 2204.

Individual Details

Serial c/no. Prev. Identity Delivered Fate/Notes
351 ?   ?  
352 2193   1988 photo Air Fan Oct 1995.
353 2196   1988 first noted Feb 1990
354 2197   1988 first noted Aug 1993
355 2199   1988 first noted Nov 1988, photo
356 ?   1988 first noted Aug 1993, photo


Gazelle with HOT missiles.
(photo: Cyprus Air Force)

More Information


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