Sukhoi Su-25K Frogfoot-A

in North Korean Air Force service

Key Facts

Total Delivered: 30
Total Still Active: 30
Total Now Stored: 0
Service Entry: 1988
Retirement: current
Main Role: Attack
Origin: USSR


North Korea was the first Asian country to receive the Sukhoi Su-25 close air support aircraft with 32 Su-25K Frogfoot-As being delivered in 1987/88. They were assigned to a single regiment consisting of three squadrons at Sonchon, about 80 km from Pyongyang. Thirty were reportedly still in service in 1997 with the 55th Aviation Regiment, based at Sunchon. The type remains in service, although it is likely that many are stored. No individual aircraft details, such as construction numbers and/or codes are known.

Individual Details

Serial c/no. Prev. Identity Delivered Fate/Notes


None available at present.

More Information


  • World Air Forces Directory 2009/2010 (Ian Carroll)
  • Sukhoi Su-25 Frogfoot: The Soviet Union’s Tank-Buster (Yefim Gordon)

Other Sources

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