Tupolev Tu-154B Careless

in North Korean Air Force service

Key Facts

Total Delivered: 4
Total Still Active: 4
Total Now Stored: 0
Service Entry: 1975
Retirement: current
Main Role: Transport
Origin: USSR


Three Tu-154s were delivered in 1976/77. Probably operated by Air Koryo in conjunction with the DPRKAF.

Individual Details

Serial c/no. Prev. Identity Delivered Fate/Notes
551,P-551 75A-129   1976? Substantially damaged on landing at Budapest, June 30, 1979. Repaired. Noted at Pyongyang-Sunan, Feb 17, 2004.
552,P-552 76A-143   1976? Noted at Pyongyang-Sunan, Feb 17, 2004.
553,P-553 77A-191   1977? Noted at Pyongyang-Sunan, Feb 17 2004.


None available at present.

More Information


  • World Air Forces Directory 2009/2010 (Ian Carroll)
  • Tupolev Tu-154: The USSR’s Medium-Range Jet Airliner (Dmitry Komissarov)

Other Sources

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