Beech 35 Bonanza

in Paraguayan Air Force Service

Key Facts

Total Delivered: 25
Total Still Active: 2
Total Now Stored: 0
Service Entry: 1949
Retirement: current
Main Role: Liaison
Origin: USA


A total of nine Bonanzas of various models obtained since 1949 for military use, plus sixteen more for use by LATN. Used by various units.

Individual Details

Serial c/no. Prev. Identity Delivered Fate/Notes
T-5 D-1955 N8533A 4.1949 n/a, GAET, Beech A35
T-7 D-4075 N3802B 2.1955 n/a, GAET, Beech E35
T-9 D-4076 N3803B 2.1955 n/a, GAET, Beech E35
T-11 D-5122   5.1957 reserialled as FAP 0211 in 1980, GAET, Beech H35
T-15 D-5126   5.1957 n/a, GAET, Beech H35
T-58 D-7257   9.1963 n/a, Beech P35
0211 D-5122 FAP T-11 5.1957 n/a, GAET, Beech H35
0215 E-0911 ZP-PKB 1981 GATE, wfu 1994, sold Feb 1995, Beech A36
ZP-CAL D-2751   1951 n/a, LATN, C35
ZP-CAM D-2756   1951 n/a, LATN, C35
ZP-CAM(2) D-7886   n/a n/a, LATN, S35
ZP-CAS D-3996   n/a n/a, LATN, E35
ZP-CAT D-3997   n/a n/a, LATN, E35
ZP-CAU D-3998   n/a n/a, LATN, E35
ZP-CAV D-7887   n/a n/a, LATN, S35
ZP-CAX(2) D-4768   n/a n/a, LATN, G35
ZP-CBC n/a   n/a n/a, LATN, B35
ZP-CCP E-1608   n/a n/a, LATN, A36
ZP-TAO D-2746   n/a n/a, LATN, C35
ZP-TAP D-2791   n/a n/a, LATN, C35
ZP-TAQ D-2796   n/a n/a, LATN, C35
ZP-TAR D-2801   n/a n/a, LATN, C35
ZP-TAV D-3055   Jan 1952 n/a, LATN, Beech C35
ZP-TAW D-3050   n/a n/a, LATN, C35
ZP-TAX D-3140   n/a n/a, LATN, C35
ZP-TAZ D-3167   n/a n/a, LATN, C35
ZP-TBB D-3526   n/a n/a, LATN, D35


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