Bell UH-1H Iroquois

in Paraguayan Air Force Service

Key Facts

Total Delivered: 10
Total Still Active: 7
Total Now Stored: 0
Service Entry: 1996
Retirement: current
Main Role: Support
Origin: RoCAF


Eight UH-1H donated by Taiwan in batches of two: Oct 1996, March 2001, January 2002 and August 2006. Two more obtained from the same source in 2007. Used by the Grupo Aéreo de Helicópteros.

Individual Details

Serial c/no. Prev. Identity Delivered Fate/Notes
H-029 18003 n/a, RoCAF 10.1996 reserialled as H-0429
H-030 18015 n/a,RoCAF 10.1996 crashed in the Chaco region on 1.4.1998, wreck at Nu Guazu 2008
H-031 18018 n/a, RoCAF 3.2001 reserialled as H-0431
H-032 18023 n/a, RoCAF 3.2001 reserialled as H-0432
H-033 n/a n/a, RoCAF 1.2002 reserialled as H-0433
H-034 n/a n/a, RoCAF 1.2002 reserialled as H-0434
H-035 n/a n/a, RoCAF 8.2006 reserialled as H-0435
H-036 n/a n/a, RoCAF 8.2006 reserialled as H-0436
H-0429 18003 n/a, RoCAF, FAP H-029 10.1996 wfu Nu Guazu 2008
H-0431 18018 n/a, RoCAF, FAP H-031 3.2001  
H-0432 18023 n/a, RoCAF, FAP H-032 3.2001  
H-0433 n/a n/a, RoCAF, FAP H-033 1.2002  
H-0434 n/a n/a, RoCAF, FAP H-034 1.2002  
H-0435 n/a n/a, RoCAF, FAP H-035 8.2006  
H-0436 n/a n/a, RoCAF, FAP H-036 8.2006  
H-0437 n/a n/a, RoCAF 3.2006 w/o 3 Oct 2010, wreck at Nu Guazu 2010
H-0438 n/a n/a, RoCAF 4.2007  


UH-1H H-0431 seen at Ñu-Guazú in October 2005.
(photo, Hélio Higuchi)

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