Sikorsky S-92
in H.M. Coastguard Service


Key Facts

Total Delivered: 18
Total Still Active: 11
Total Now Stored: 0
Service Entry: 2007
Retirement: current
Main Role: Search and Rescue
Origin: contractor (CHC/Bristow)


Four new-build S-92As delivered from 2007. Operated by CHC Scotia under the ‘Gap SAR’ contract. The first was formally handed over on 1 March 2007 at HeliExpo in the USA. Used for Search and Rescue (SAR) duties, two each based at Stornoway and Sumburgh. In 2012 this contract was awarded to Bristow, who took over operations in 2013. The CHC helicopters were then used for an Irish Coast Guard contract, while Bristow provided 4 new S-92s.

In March 2013 Bristow Helicopters was awarded a contract to provide a complete Search and Rescue service around the UK coastline, replacing ageing military SAR helicopters. To fulfil this contract Bristow ordered an additional 10 new-build S-92s. All the additional helicopters were in service by early 2016.

Individual Details

Serial c/no. Prev. Identity Delivered Fate/Notes
G-CGMU 920034 N8010S 5 June 2007 Stornoway primary, wfu 2013
G-CGOC 920051 N45165 30 Nov 2007 Shetland primary, wfu 2013
G-SARB 920045 N80562 18 Sept 2007 Stornoway secondary, wfu 2013
G-SARC 920052 N45168 30 Nov 2007 Shetland secondary, wfu 2013
G-MCGA 92-0166 N166J Jan 2013  
G-MCGB 92-0167 N167G Feb 2013  
G-MCGC 92-0169 N169F Apr 2013  
G-MCGD 92-0171 N971E Jun 2013  
G-MCGE 92-0214 N214HM Oct 2014  
G-MCGF 92-0222 N222XC Oct 2014  
G-MCGG 92-0225 N225WK Oct 2014  
G-MCGH 92-0234 N234TR Dec 2014  
G-MCGI 92-0235 N235U Dec 2014  
G-MCGJ 92-0248 N248N Mar 2015  
G-MCGK 92-0251 N251Z May 2015  
G-MCGL 92-0254 N254J Nov 2015  
G-MCGY 92-0257 N257Z Sep 2015  
G-MCGZ 92-0262 N262U Oct 2015  


S-92 N8010S see prior to formal delivery.
(photo, MCA)
Another view of S-92 N8010S.
(photo, MCA)

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