Narrative History
Finnish Air Force

Several aircraft were presented to the Finnish White Army, for use during the 1919-1920 civil war by Swedish pilots and Finnish observers. This unit was known as the Finnish Flying Corps. A French military mission arrived in June 1919 to help re-organise military forces. In 1920 the Finnish Air Force was created as an independent air arm. In 1924 a British military mission arrived to plan future development. The ‘Winter War’ started on 30 November 1939, and ended on 11 March 1940 when Finland accepted Soviet peace terms. On 25 June 1941, following Germany’s launch of ‘Operation Barbarossa’, Finland declared war on Russia. Offensive operations commenced on 30 June 1941 with German assistance, thus starting the ‘Continuation War’. On 4 September 1944 a conditional ceasefire was agreed between Russia and Finland, and peace negotiations initiated. During the period 2 October 1944 to 25 April 1945 Finnish forces drove the German forces out of Finland. A Peace Treaty limiting the size of the air force was signed on 10 February 1947.

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