National Markings
Ukrainian Civil Defence Agency

of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine

This section describes and illustrates the various national insignia used by the State Emergency Service of Ukraine since its formation:

                  Main Marking                        Fin Flash

1992 – present
Emergency Service aircraft and helcopters are characterised by distinctive blue and yellow or red and white stripes along the fuselage. In addition, the service insignia is carried on the forward or centre fuselage. This service insignia consists of an orange cross on a white background on a red disc. Helicopters also display a roundel in the national colours on the fuselage sides or on the fin. Fixed wing aircraft don’t carry roundels, but instead have the national trident insignia as a fin flash. Service titles in cyrillic are worn on the fuselage sides of fixed wing aircraft, but not helicopters: MHC України.

A copy of a close-up photo of the MHC insignia carried on aircraft would be appreciated.

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