Key Dates

of the Royal New Zealand Air Force
1912    First New Zealand army officer undergoes pilot training in the UK
1913    Bleriot XI monoplane presented to the NZ government
1918    Several New Zealand fighter pilots become aces in the First World War
1923    New Zealand Permanent Air Force officially established
1934    NZPAF is renamed the Royal New Zealand AIr Force
1937    RNZAF becomes an independent military service
1939    New Zealand joins the Empire Air Training Scheme
December 1941    Start of the Pacific War with Japan
1942    First Lend-Lease aircraft arrive from USA for home defence
15 August 1945    VJ Day – Japan surrenders
1952    14 Sqn deploys to Cyprus
1956    RNZAF Antarctic Flight first formed
1957    Territorial Air Force disbanded
1965    RNZAF begins participation in Vietnam War
1985    End of New Zealand participation in ANZUS treaty
2001    RNZAF combat wing is scrapped

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