Current Order of Battle
Royal Danish Air Force

Squadron Type Base
721 Eskadrille C-130J-30, CL-604 Aalborg
722 Eskadrille S-61A Sea King/EH.101 Karup
724 Eskadrille AS.550C2 Fennec Karup
727 Eskadrille F-16AM/BM Skrydstrup
730 Eskadrille F-16AM/BM Skrydstrup
Flyveskolen T-17 Supporter Karup
Base Flight SNFALB T-17 Supporter Aalborg
Base Flight SNFKAR T-17 Supporter Karup
Base Flight SNFSKP T-17 Supporter Skrydstrup

Note: Base flights borrow aircraft from the Flyveskolen as needed.


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