Carrier Air Wings – Current

of the United States Navy






CVW 1 AB CVN-65 "Enterprise" Oceana AB
VAW-123 Screwtops E-2C(4) Chambers Field AB
VAQ-137 Rooks EA-6B(4) Whidbey Island AB
VFA-11 Red Rippers F-18F(12) Oceana AB
VFA-136 Knighthawks F-18E(12) Oceana AB
VFA-211 Checkmates F-18F(12) Oceana AB
VMFA-251 Thunderbolts F-18C(12) MCAS Beaufort AB
HS-11 Dragon Slayers SH-60F(4),HH-60H(2) Jacksonville AB
VRC-40/Det.4 Rawhides C-2A(2) Chambers Field AB
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CVW 2 NE CVN-72 "Abraham Lincoln" Lemoore NE
VAW-116 Sun Kings E-2C(4) Point Mugu NE
VAQ-131 Lancers EA-6B(4) Whidbey Island NE
VFA-2 Bounty Hunters F-18F(12) Lemoore NE
VFA-34 Blue Blasters F-18C(10) Oceana NE
VFA-137 Kestrels F-18E(12) Lemoore NE
VFA-151 Vigilantes F-18C(10) Lemoore NE
HSC-12 Golden Falcons MH-60S(8) North Island NE
HSM-77 Saberhawks MH-60R(11) North Island NE
VRC-30/Det.2 The Providers C-2A(2) North Island NE
CVW 3 AC CVN-75 "Harry S. Truman" Oceana AC
VAW-126 Seahawks E-2C(4) Chambers Field AC
VAQ-130 Zappers EA-6B(4) Whidbey Island AC
VFA-32 Swordsmen F-18F(12) Oceana AC
VFA-37 Bulls F-18C(10) Oceana AC
VFA-105 Gunslingers F-18E(12) Oceana AC
VMFA-312 Checkerboards F-18C(10) MCAS Beaufort AC
HS-7 Shamrocks SH-60F(4),HH-60H(2) Jacksonville AC
VRC-40/Det.5 Rawhides C-2A(2) Chambers Field AC
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CVW 5 NF CVN-73 "Washington" Atsugi,Japan NF
VAW-115 Liberty Bells E-2C(4) Atsugi,Japan NF
VAQ-136 Gauntlets EA-6B(4) Atsugi,Japan NF
VFA-27 Royal Maces F-18E(12) Atsugi,Japan NF
VFA-102 Diamondbacks F-18F(12) Atsugi,Japan NF
VFA-115 Eagles F-18E(12) Atsugi,Japan NF
VFA-195 Dambusters F-18C(10) Atsugi,Japan NF
HS-14 Chargers SH-60F(4),HH-60H(2) Atsugi,Japan NF
VRC-30/Det.5 The Providers C-2A(4) Atsugi,Japan NF
CVW 7 AG CVN-69 "Eisenhower" Oceana AG
VAW-121 Bluetails E-2C(4) Chambers Field AA
VAQ-140 Patriots EA-6B(4) Whidbey Island AG
VFA-83 Rampagers F-18C(10) Oceana AG
VFA-103 Jolly Rogers F-18F(12) Oceana AG
VFA-131 Wildcats F-18C(10) Oceana AG
VFA-143 Pukin’ Dogs F-18E(12) Oceana AG
HS-5 Night Dippers SH-60F(4),HH-60H(2) Jacksonville AG
VRC-40/Det.2 Rawhides C-2A(2) Chambers Field AG
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CVW 8 AJ CVN-77 "George H.W. Bush" Oceana AJ
VAW-124 Bear Aces E-2C(4) Chambers Field AJ
VAQ-141 Shadowhawks EA-18G(5) Whidbey Island AJ
VFA-15 Valions F-18C(10) Oceana AJ
VFA-31 Tomcatters F-18E(12) Oceana AJ
VFA-87 Golden Warriors F-18A+(12) Oceana AJ
VFA-213 Black Lions F-18F(12) Oceana AJ
HSC-9 Tridents MH-60S(8) Chambers Field AJ
HSM-70 Spartans MH-60R(11) Jacksonville AJ
VRC-40/Det.1 Rawhides C-2A(2) Chambers Field AJ
CVW 9 NG CVN-74 "John C. Stennis" Lemoore NG
VAW-112 Golden Hawks E-2C(4) Point Mugu NG
VAQ-138 Yellow Jackets EA-18G(5) Whidbey Island NG
VFA-192 Golden Dragons F-18C(10) Lemoore NG
HSC-8 Eightballers MH-60S(8) North Island NG
HSM-71 Raptors MH-60R(11) North Island NG
VRC-30/Det.4 The Providers C-2A(2) North Island NG
CVW 11 NH CVN-68 "Nimitz" Lemoore NH
VAW-117 Wallbangers E-2C(4) Point Mugu NH
VAQ-135 Black Ravens EA-6B(4) Whidbey Island NH
VFA-14 Top Hatters F-18E(12) Lemoore NH
VFA-41 Black Aces F-18F(12) Lemoore NH
VFA-86 Sidewinders F-18C(10) MCAS Beaufort NH
VFA-97 Warhawks F-18C(12) Lemoore NH
HS-6 Indians SH-60F(4),HH-60H(2) North Island NH
VRC-30/Det.3 The Providers C-2A(2) North Island NH
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CVW 14 NK CVN-76 "Ronald Reagan" Lemoore NK
VAW-113 Black Eagles E-2C(4) Point Mugu NK
VAQ-139 Cougars EA-6B(4) Whidbey Island NK
VFA-146 Blue Diamonds F-18C(12) Lemoore NK
VFA-147 Argonauts F-18E(10) Lemoore NK
VFA-154 Black Knights F-18F(12) Lemoore NK
VMFA-323 Death Rattlers F-18C(10) Miramar NK
HS-4 Black Knights SH-60F(4),HH-60H(2) North Island NK
VRC-30/Det.1 The Providers C-2A(2) North Island NK
CVW 17 AA CVN-70 "Carl Vinson" Oceana AA
VAW-125 Tigertails E-2C(4) Chambers Field AA
VAQ-134 Garudas EA-6B(4) Whidbey Island AA
VFA-22 Fighting Redcocks F-18F(12) Lemoore AA
VFA-25 Fist of the Fleet F-18C(10) Lemoore AA
VFA-81 Sunliners F-18E(12) Oceana AA
VFA-113 Stingers F-18C(10) Lemoore AA
HS-15 Red Lions SH-60F(4),HH-60H(2) Jacksonville AA
VRC-40/Det.3 Rawhides C-2A(2) Chambers Field AA
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Figures in brackets indicate number of aircraft flown in each squadron.

HS = Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron

HSC = Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron
HSM = Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron

MCAF Marine Corps Air Facility
VAQ = Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron
VAW = Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron
VFA = Strike Fighter Squadron
VMFA = Marine Strike Fighter Squadron
VRC = Fleet Logistics Support Squadron

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